From this page all you Bytespotters can check out the latest information about parties, (B)-boozehappenings, Jazz's gigs (she's a singer, U'know... :) et cetera... Also this page has boozereports from numerous (B)-boozenights & other merry gatherings. New reports will eventually find their way here (if somebody remembers something :) for your pleasure (?).

This page will be updated regularily (yeah, right...), so check it out every now and then...

Alright, on with the show...


Hello hello! It's been a while!
Actually there's been quite a lot of things happening since the last update, but well, since the (B)Web is still running on the old "update by hand, save, upload" system, it is somewhat tiring to do stuff here these days. At least the site is compatible with everything :) But well, I had to find the HTML editor once again and do some little updating.

(B) folks and friends (or mostly friends in this pic) at Assembly 2008, at the (B) private booth

The Assembly 2008 party was fun event, especially with the competititions. Byterapers actually published two demos and scored also on graphics competition. Alltogether the result, as updated into Firsts and Highlights, looks like this:

Not so bad, not at all. Renaissance runs on 18 yeard old hardware, a 1991 486DX50, with Sound Blaster 1.0, Tseng Labs ET4000 ISA VGA card and 32 megs of memory. Considering Byterapers' first PC demo was released on 1996 and it required a Pentium, this is a really really oldskool stuff for even us. Therefore, a very big hand to Bera, especially as this was his first demo ever. You can find Renaissance info from Pouet already.
Assembly 08 was a showcase for other newer (B) members too. Alongside Bera, also Visy, Nullkey and Nessie have stepped recently (during 2008 demo season) into (B) ranks, with Nullkey officially recruited at the party itself, though he had already done the programmign work with the Alternative Party demo.
And let's not forget to give a big hand to Micron and Mysdee as well, who worked very hard on producing these demos.
And not least to PRPL MTN for awesome soundtrack for Renaissance!

Byterapers celebrating the double win: Grendel, Visy, Bera, Micron and Mysdee.

Tidbits for quiz minded: Renaissance was the most expensive (B) demo ever produced. Why?

So as you can see, it's been busy. A few new members, some new demos and much activity behind the scenes, though less demo production related things. But we think we got now quite good team for later demo parties. Maybe things won't get so muddled at the last stages as they've done a few times lately - with some horrible bugs crippling the demos during last production phase right before/after the deadlines or major demo parts dropping out because lousy compatibility problems. Or sometimes, even crippling the demo so bad that it isn't even released and so scrapped instead. Well, guess I have to mention the demo we almost managed to do at Assembly 2007 - we started making it in the partyplace on Thursday, recruiting musicians and graphicians on the spot. Things were proceeding very well until the main programmer passed out. Note to self: remember to control your main programmer's alcohol consumption. So that one wasn't released either :)

We'll be back with more updates next week, with the new demos added to the Warepage etc.

Love, Grendel


Actually there's been a lot of different things happening. Just been too busy and lazy to update this. So anyway...

We have had changes in our members. Positive ones. We have three new members. One joined earlier this year, two were officially taken into the group at Assembly 2006. And they are...

  • PRPL MTN, a musiqant. A terrific good and nice chap, whose earlier alias in the demoscene was/is Purple Motion.
  • XWD or sometimes XWizard. But prefers just XWD or X. A coder, likes and prefers mobile platforms. A Mr. Sex in making.
  • HBT, a graphician of l33t skills, made great work when we were finishing FTS4.

    All these chaps participated in the making of Follow the Sign 4. Welcome you all!

    Unroot Pimple, XWD and HBT

    Then other biznes. FTS4 didn't end up like it was originally visioned. That stemmed from lack of time AND lack of 3D people. We're now very very interested on especially 3D graphicians, who can create scenes with 3DSMax. We would be happy to have new 3D chaps in the group, work with freelancers or cooperate with 3D chaps from other groups. That is right now the most serious factor on limiting our demomaking. Quite a few demos have been wrecked or even completely cancelled because lack of graphics. Now things are a little better - but also a little worse, because lack of 3D guys is even more serious.

    If you're interested in making 3D for (B), please contact us. You can catch us through IRC @ IRCnet at #byterapers, msg Grendel-B or email grendel at byterapers dottt com.

    By the way, did you see already the newsbits about our new demo and other bits of new stuff in the site? Yes, there's been really something new here. And more is coming. Please see What's new.

    Like, that we came 3rd in the Mobile Demo compo at Asm06. Yes, there's been better demos but if you check the Demo section, you'll know it didn't go quite like we hoped to. But at least it goes to show, that we're still in the picture. Not dead. Ha!

    HBT, XWD, Bera, Grendel, Dr. Dick & Suckho

    And of course the greatest thing of all is that we are now 20 years old. 20 years! Think about that. 20 years old demogroup. Who could have imagined? We've been through good times, bad times. Some of us saw the rise of the Finnish demoscene and helped to build it, shape it. We saw C-64 go downhill, we saw Atari, we saw Amiga and PC come. Now we're in the age of the mobile devices. And many of us have been here for so long. All three originally active Byterapers founding members are still around. A large percentage of the current members have been here easily for 15 years. Of course, there's been so many members in the past. Easily hundreds of Byterapers around the globe. You remember the times, when it was good to be "international"? We were. It was mostly useless, but well. Special thanks to the Swedish guys, though. MJAU. Zaints. Stage 3. It was hard to be international in those times, with little connectivity, little interactivity. But I remember you and thank you.

    20 years.

    You can get into the feeling by downloading/watching the Byterapers 20 years party movie teaser, which is a short, quickly put together thing showing some bits from the 20 years party. Final movie coming during the autumm. Perhaps I'll start making updates on these pages more often. - Grendel


    Btw, Hazard and HC have returned from Africa. And Sivu got back from the 4000 kilometers long European tour by car.

    On other news, Byterapers' famous beer drinking activities have affected the world dramatically. Byterapers is practially a synonym for beer drinkers and walking Olvi adverts.

    It is therefore great to see our deeds recognized even by Microsoft. Tadaa! The instant messaging program Messenger has our famous symbol, (B), as the shortcut to "beer mug" emoticon. See below, click for full picture:


    Now available: Byterapers calendar 2004.
    Limited time extra special super offer.
    (update) The calendar is now viewable at (B) calendar 2004 .


    Afrohazi is known even in the deep African jungles You might have thought that (B) African HQ and Afrohazi was just a joke.

    WRONG! Byterapers actually DOES have an African HQ these days. It is located at Botswana

    There be dragons. And demos. And two Byterapers!


    Even if I'm repeating myself,

    Well the (B)Web 2.0 is still struggling to see the light of the day. At least we've made a step or two this year. Some day....

    On Other Joyous News,

    we had a (B) wedding. Proton of Byterapers married his old time girlfriend Tuija, who had practically became a Byteraper too.

    To celebrate we for once put up our better clothes:


    Hah. A lot has happened though there's been no updates.

    Just shortly:

    Byterapers turned 15 years old group. Cool :) Photos from the birthday party at Gallery.

    We were in Assembly 2001. Suckho's WinAmp plugin won the plugin competition, and the cooperation demo with Doomsday ranked whoppin third in the demo compo!

    Afrohazi is known even in the deep African jungles The pages have been still so silent as Hazard is STILL working on the new layout. It's progressing though. And there is a final deadline - new layout must be working when Hazard moves to Africa later this year :)


    The Assembly'2000 ASM-TV reportages contiue. We added now the Oldskool-interview to's AsmTV-section. 20 minutes long interview (in Finnish) of six oldskool scene veterans from Byterapers, Finnish Gold, Pure Byte and Damones - guys who were building the Finnish demoscene in the 80s. Download interview (MPEG, 200 MB, 20 minutes) and the readme.

    Remembered to add a readme to the Byterapers interview as well.


    Makkaiver is ready and published. See Movie Productions.
    And addition to the message dated 15.02 below. I finally got bunch of missing material and the module collection will start building up next week. Live in hope!


    The full version of movie Makkaiver is ready. We've just been trying to get Sivu to transfer it into the FTP server. Soon! Soon!
    Also the date of (B)Web's redesign is nearing. We got some plans now and testing some new tech. The look of pages will change a bit but don't worry, no multimedia crap, no Flash, no shit will creep in. The idea will still be "content rules".


    Ok, slowly getting myself together from Assembly 2000.

    Put some stuff in different competitions there. Nothing serious, mostly wanted just put something to participate and support. And as it goes, dug up some way old stuff.

    The better stuff:

  • Suckho made intro for the 4 kb intro compo. Whopping 200 bytes long it was. 10th place out of 12. Audience didn't quite get it I think ;-)

    The crap stuff:
  • Put a way way old shit slideshow by Nico to oldskool demo. Hehe, what could be more oldskool than a slideshow? What's even more amazing it was 11th our of 14.
  • Put Nico's old Amiga picture to Oldskool gfx. 13th out of 15. Can't even imagine how old it was. Maaan....

    The other stuff:
    And as things go, the two other good prods were disqualified. Jury didn't like the picture by Nico as they thought it was just few scans put together. Not quite. Too bad. And the Makkaiver Trailer was disqualified because copyrighted music. Oh well. It is anyway available now. See Byterapers Movie Productions.


    Slowly getting things to hand now... Hopefully we get the whole Makkaiver movie out in a week or something. Who knows. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the new TRAILER of the movie! It is out now, FINALLY. You can download it by clicking here: download MAKKAIVER TRAILER. It is MPEG format and 18 MB.

    We were a lot in the Assembly'2k tv. Hopefully we will get more of the things to (B)Web sooner or later, but we named our publicity attack as "Byterapers Media Attack 2000 (at asm2k)". We did a long interview in tv, another long Oldskool-interview with 6 old sceneguys from the 80s and lot of small interviews, bits in asmtv and so on. You can download first part of the (B) interview here. MPEG, 30 minutes, 400 MB. IN FINNISH. And the readme.


    Dropped in some productions to the Assembly. Nothing big or serious. Wanted to submit gfx by Nico to the graphics competition but was then overwhelmed in the partyplace with the amount of amazing gfx on a bloody CD. Then just put in the (B) Movie Productions picture we'd given some thought beforehand. Just too much great gfx to start looking at in the party, using someone else's machine. The Wild Compo entry Makkaiver Trailer was disqualified because copyrighted music soundtrack. Well, what else could one have as music in Makkaiver than McGyver? :-)

    Longer report coming soon. Hazi & HC-Anna also returned alive from 2 weeks in Greece. Yeah.


    We're preparing for the Assembly 2000 party now. This year we will even participate :-) No C-64 or PC demos though, sorry.

    Take notice, of Byterapers movie fans, the movies will start hitting your MPEG-players soon enough! Check the Byterapers Movie Productions page.


    We have a contact! Python, the ex coder and Rockstar's lil brother, has been seen again! Check it yourself!


    Now so Bytenews but important anyway. Assembly Organizing has now informed us about the coming Assembly'2000 scene side organization. This year they got something cool for us sceners.

    The party will be partioned into three areas:
    - oldskool, 200+ person invite only area (tickets 50% off) - will include e.g. previous ASM winners, international visitors and other *active* sceners (consider yourself to be one? Then email me to get an invitation)
    - scene-side, 50% of the party area
    - mainstream-side, the other half of the party area

    So, we will have own scene area. Great! This is hoped to stimulate the scene people to come to the party with larger numbers, create good productions and so on. Yeah. Byterapers is thinking to create product for Assembly, so lets see there!


    Grendel here, hello.
    I ask for help from all you module collectors. I am trying to create a collection of mods/xms/etc by Finnish demoscene musicians. But not from all possible musics that have ever been created.

    I attempt to create a collection of those fun songs that include singing. Many artists created fun, sometimes very parodylike songs and sung about shooting communists, getting venereal diseases or love or whatever.

    Examples of the songs: T.o.B/Byterapers: Kekkosrappia, Groo: Mina Omistan, Heatbeat: Sika, Chanel 5: Ein Communist Svin, SW/HiRMU: Rakkautta Vain, Yzi/HT: Syö Leipää, unknown: Mulla On Krapula, Enemy & Seadog: Maatalouslaulu. Plus numerous songs by Janne Laitinen.

    Do you have those songs mentioned above? Or any other? Email me NOW! CLick here


    Oh, joy!
    The demoscene charts at have opened again, after a very long pause. And our old, weary eyes wet with joy. Thank you, fans and friends!

    PC demo
    Number 1: Hyperventilation / byterapers
    Number 10: Sexadelic / byterapers

    PC coder
    Number 4: / byterapers

    Number 10: mistral / byterapers

    Number 1: byterapers


    HiRMU will arrange yet another bustrip to Denmark's fav happening, The Party. See the info here.


    Mike_B: juotuani tutun kotiviiniä päätin matkani pusikkoista harjunmäkeä alas. fillari taivaassa. turpa veressä. synttärit. 24v. olin tullut vanhaksi. huulet vaan turpos ku ilmapallot. viikon joutu juomaan pillillä.

    Että paaljon onneeeaa vaaaa, meiltä kaikilta, Mike.


    Woah. Suckho came out of army. We all had almost forgotten his whole existence already. Hmmm.

    By the way, I'm going to add a lot of interesting oldtimer material to the pages. I got articles of old parties, party banners etc all kinds of fun stuff. If you got any of that kind, about ANYTHING that has something to do with the Finnish scene, I will be happy to recieve them for example in scanned form. If you can scan any articles, photos, banners, anything, please do and send. If you EMAIL me BINARIES/ATTACHMENTS, please send them here -here- instead.


    Well, we didn't get a demo out in The Gathering, maybe in Assembly then. It's been a hot, good summer and we're now preparing fast for the Ilosaarirock'99 festival. Good sceneduuds welcome to visit the traditional Bytecamp usually found somewhere. Look out for the huge Kekkilä-umbrella, some 2+ meters high cover which is the centerpiece of our camp.

    Other news are that the Byterapers hometown Iisalmi is now almost deserted. Soon only T.o.B will remain. Lasse is moving to south Finland and Grendel will move to Tampere during July.


    Today a stupid joke. Finnish only sorry.

    Onko auto...
    a) EMF jäässä
    b) Coma jäässä
    c) HiRMU jäässä

    Grendel is going to The Gathering. Give me beer if you see me. Hopefully we will also have a demo for the competitions, possibly an intro as well. Jiihaa.


    CSA is coming back from Japan. He's been working on Tokio for half a year and will return in late April back to Sweden. Joy.
    Mata ashita, CSA / (B) Japan ?


    The Byterapers 12.5 party was a great success. There is a huge bunch of photos coming. Just need the energy to write descriptions to all of them. Argh. This week I promise. Had much good people there and it was very enjoyable from the start to the finish.

    And NOW, go to doose charts and votevotevote!

    We're going up.

    Best PC Group:
    2. Byterapers

    Best PC Demo:
    4. with Hyperventilation (was 3rd)
    8. with Sexadelic(was 4th)

    Best PC Coder:
    2. by Mr.Sex

    Best Graphicians:
    10th Mistral
    14th Mike

    Gogogo! Registration is fast, voting is easy so go and do it for us :-)


    Well, found this from an IRC-log. Sorry non-Finns:

    (Tai-Pan) höh onko kaikki kusseet joskus vaatehuoneessa paitsi mä
    (Grendel-B) taipani et ole ainoa, minäkin olen siveä.
    (Tai-Pan) hah!
    (Tai-Pan) muistan koko loppuikäni kuinka jukka o testasi lahdessa vuonna kypärä paljonko kortsu kestää vettä .. siitä päättelin ettei se mies ole siveä
    (qmar) hehe
    (Grendel-B) muahahahahaa
    (dhm) hurja nuoruus
    (TBB) Eihän se ollut kuin kuutisen litraa. eikä se edes roiskunut joka puolelle.
    (Tai-Pan) oliko mikä lahtipartissa?
    (Grendel-B) liika pieni detalji että muistais :)
    (TBB) mitäs siveetöntä moisessa on?
    (TBB) Tai-Pan - Zados-party, -89

    Found another PC scene votechart, doose charts. Neat product and it has couple good statistics:
    Best PC Group:
    4. Byterapers

    Best PC Demo:
    3 Hyperventilation (Byterapers)

    Good but don't you all think, we should do better? (grin) Click here doose charts and vote us to get loads of good karma!

    Good keywords would be Best Group: Byterapers (ahem); ; Best demo Sexadelic & Hyperventilation; Coder: Mr.Sex, Best Graphician Mike & Mistral.

    There's been some interest on the nameless musician for our next demo. Sorry guys, it's secret! And you don't go around telling secrets! But if the musician was a "normal" demomusician there wouln't be any surprise for anyone - so maybe there is something we are hiding.


    Christmas is coming! OOO! Happy! And the Byterapers members have bought their own 24 piece christmas calendars and are popping new refreshing item each day! Err... Well... The calendar will be consumed in one day, though...

    We are now working on a demo for The Party 8. And this time it's going to be special. Well, are demos always are (grin). But we will have awesomely great soundtrack, by an Awesomely great artist. Others claim that our demos have had good musics before but I don't really agree 100% on that. Not any style I admire. But this demo will be simply mega amazing on the sound side. To be really annoying I will not reveal who the artist is. But he's been creating Awesomely great musics since beginning of the 90s and today works as professional musician. Just wait! Just wait!

    On other topics, next friday we will have a (B) pre-christmas party. Unfortunately many members managed to arrange other similar events elsewhere before we got the word around, but just wait Pielavesi, we will come again (grin). And those who KNOW what Pielavesi is: it really is our regular partyplace. Just please dont' ask why.


    Goodbye Hornet. is closing down and the vote charts are now closed. I want to thank you all for voting us into these positions:

    Top 30 Demo Groups:
    1. Pulse
    2. The Black Lotus (TBL)
    3. Orange
    4. Byterapers

    Top 40 Demos:
    6. Hyperventilation (Byterapers)
    7. Boost (Doomsday)
    8. Second Reality (Future Crew)
    30. Sexadelic (Byterapers)

    Top 40 Coders:
    4. Jmagic (Complex)
    5. Mr. Sex (Byterapers)

    Top 40 Musicians:
    14. Yolk (CNCD/Byterapers)
    27. Legend (CNCD/Byterapers)
    28. Jugi (Complex)

    Top 30 Graphics Artists:
    25. Mike (Byterapers)

    Never noticed Yolk and Legend have joined Byterapers, though. (grin) When do I get your stuff for the memberpages, guys? Also I can only damnyou Jugi for beating Mr.Sex by 7 points on the coder charts. Bugger. Should have used a fakename and drop couple votes in ;-)


    We are now organizing Byterapers 12 1/2 years birthday party. This will be stricly an invitation only happening for current and ex-Byterapers members and our best friends in the scene. Location is Tampere. I'm now putting together the invitation lists, if you feel you should be on it please remind me.


    Just wanted to tell you that Nico/(B) yesterday drank seven bottles of beer and passed out. He commanded that this must not be told to anyone. This was self-made beer by Lasse/(B). The price of each bottle was 0.50 FIM. Therefore, Nico managed to drink himself out with 3.50 FIM. That's... less than 1$. Huh!

    Earlier a friend, Slobber, rhuelphed into Enema's nose. Too bad a puke suddenly came out same time as well.


    We had one awesomely good (B) saunaparty last weekend at Tampere. A good bunch of (B) members from Tampere and elsewhere with friends had gathered to celebrate the birthdays of Micron and Hazard, and shortly put the evening went something like this:

  • Drinking at Hazard/HC-Anna's place
  • Moving 200 meters to a restaurant. Eat good food. Drink beer. Make noise.
  • Moving 400 meters to Micron's place. More drinking. Micron offers beer to people. More people joining. Called Zados & his woman to join the bileet. Watched Byterapers' demos with very high volume level.
  • And upppp to the roof. Two saunas at top of 12 floors high building. Cooooool! Naked men and women, noise, happyhappyjoyjoy feeling and so on.
  • And dooooown to the street. And to restaurants and bars. No clue in how many we were, I positively remember two. The night ended with major arm wrestling competition where Dice/Doomsday was surprisingly almost unbeatable.
  • Woke up next day in Hazard's place......

    We can now also reveal that a new demo is in the works....

    Hazard and HC-Anna are now engaged. Lovely. First Byterapers getting together. Who's next? Grendel & Birra?


    More Byters moving around. Now Micron moved from Raahe to Tampere. Tampere is slowly forming up as a major Byterapers center. Lessee, we living there.

    There won't be any updates on (B)Web for a while. I'm out in the far foreign lands in a work trip, and guess it's going to be busy when I'm back. Keep the feedback flowing meanwhile.


    CSA, from the Swedish section, moves to Japan. Talk about (B) Japan now?
    And Speedhead has gone dweebing and is now a Microsoft Certified Professional (NT4server). Urgh.


    Wellwellwell, Sexadelic final came out. A wholly new demo comparing to the original. Look at it and say if it was worthy of 4th place or did it actually deserve anything higher?

    More important though is this:
    We're rising fast on Hornet's rankings! Byterapers is steadily rising and is at 7th position in the top 20 groups, Mr.Sex is 9th on coders top 20 and our previous demo Hyperventilation is 9th on the demo top 20! You don't believe? Well see yourself from the Chart Results here.

    Now you, our dear fans and friends, could do this:
    Browse into Hornet Charts and throw in some serious voting.
    Please vote Byterapers in the Top Groups, Sexadelic and Hyperventilation in Top Demos, Mr.Sex in Top Coders and of course it would be cool from you to tell the world how good graphicsman and designer Mistral is in Top Gfx Artists.

    This is no campaign to collect megavotes. Just asking that if you go there, think about us. The higher the nicer from you, of course.

    I will add a bunch of new stuff into the pages in near future. Keep your eyes sharp.


    Assembly'98. We took part in the compos and here's the results:

    PC-demo: Sexadelic 4th place PC-Warepage
    Commodore 64 graphis: Alley by Mike, 1st place
    Commodore 64 music: Needledrop by AMJ, 3rd place

    The PC-democompetition was actually very shitty experience. Top 5 was totally screwed. We lost 3rd place by 1 point, which is a fair though tough luck. And Trauma's demo is ok, though we naturally opinion our demo higher. Nothing against them of course, good guys good demo, but their Gateway lacked the final tough of design and mostly consisted of just one 3D engine. And we've seen those enough, but ok, it was fair voting. The 2nd place is what made our heads explode. A totally crap, shitty vector orsomething animation thing that should have participated in Wild Compo if anywhere. Not it was there among real demos and the Quakefolks and whoever idiots were in the crowd went to appreciate it's bad humour and gave it millions of votes too much. Aaaaargh! You can jump into the results from here Partylist.

    Otherwise the party was AMAZING good. Especially the Boozembly-drinking happening was prolly the best ever, EVER! More sometimes.

    Then, I'd like to speak about our demo Hyperventilation and the demo competition in Remedy'98 party. At first, uncencored comment from (B)Web that's since been deleted.

    "Almost a happy ending. 2nd place it was, but a moral 1st place since the winners Noice were a huge crowd of looser-types who had all voted for their own demo. So while our demo was definitely more advanced and designed, those guys had simply won by voting their own crap in masse. Not exactly cheating, but... Unfair, at least. So while our demo was definitely more advanced and designed, those guys had simply won by voting their own crap in masse"

    Next Noice's response from Scene Central:

    Some corrections must be made... We didnt vote at all! The colors in hyperventilation was too dark for the bigscreen, the begining of the demo (in the 3d-scenes) was almost completly black. We saw Hyperventilation before the competition and was pretty sure it was going to win, and were very surprised by the compo results. Yes, Hyperventilation was well designed and had average code. Also was ours, although it was a bit short. Considering design, the two demos have very diffrent design. I wont comment the "bunch of loosers" statement, since its a personal reflection. Noice has been an active group since 1989 and have won and placed top 5 at several demo-competitions on several platforms (C64, Amiga, PC).

    I would like to offer sincere apology to the people in Noice. Sorry.

    And expnalation following. We had only one (B) member in the partyplace, who naturally had limited vision of the happenings. The amazing surprise of losing, coming 2nd, caused rather great shock since we had naturally went to win and had extreme confidence in the demo. With guys sitting in IRC and following the happenings through #remedy-channel and talking with other people the conclusion was that there must have been a setup, that this couldn't have happened naturally. After noticing there had been a crowd of Noice members in the stand, it was easy to find easy expnalation. Which was wrong.

    Well, we got another proof that public voting system in parties plain doesn't work anymore. Can you look at Assembly'98 results and say they were right? We believe in Noice's word "we didn't vote at all". Apologies, Noice.
    - Grendel


    Join the IRC party on #suomiscene saturday 15.09.1998 at 2200 FInnish time. Official topic "how pukes". Invitation at

    We were in Assembly'98. More to come soon about it.


    There's been a lot of things happening lately. As you can see from the photo right, our member Hazard's fame has spread far lately. He grew a bit of hair, turned catholic, and started to sing reggae with some HC banging as backgrounds using the name "Afrohazi". Understably he never gained any sales. Therefore his PR photos were sent to undeveloped countries as junk trash among other toxic waste. A puzzled native has found Afrohazi's picture and tries here to understand. Poor man.

    Of more important scale is the release of our 4th PC demo, Hyperventilation, which took part in the swedish demoparty Remedy'98. Actually this happened already some time ago, but hey, it's been summer! See more about the demo in the PC warepage.

    This demo is exceptional quality from Byterapers, and we want to give special thanks to our young graphicsman Mistral whose extraordinary talent made it really shine!

    Last weekend we enjoyed the latest part in the endless trilogy of happyhappyjoyjoy Ilosaarirock-festivals. For those who don't know, it's a Finnish rock festival that is especially known as very nice and enjoyable occasion. Once again the Byterapers Camp (tm) was raised, and so started a three day celebration of summer, beer and rock'n'roll with major help by lovely women. As tradition we had a lot of guests from the demoscene, and a whole bunch of tents were put up around our camp by those visitors. I'll add scanned pictures in neartime to the picture gallegy.

    An unfortunate wave of emigrants have gone here and there. Hazard and the violence section HC-Anna are moving to Tampere. Sivu, Proton and Lanttu have moved to Helsinki-area +/- 100km.

    An old partner-in-crime has passed away. Conan of Stack, a veteran of the Finnish C-64 scene in the 86-88 died in May 1998.

    Byterapers were present in force in the Motorola Inside'98 party and brought whole flood of results:

    2. interco 2 enema/(b)
    3. fidel castro sivu/byterapers
    4. viking gurdan/byterapers
    11. virtual16 nico/byterapers
    [[[[SCENE SOCCER]]] match byterapers inc. - byterapist inc. (0 - 1)
    2.nd match asswipers - fc muna (2 - 1)

    final byterapist - asswipers (1 - 2)

    The interesting point in the soccer competition finals was that 3 out of the 4 (B) players were fighting against throwing up. All 3 were having major hangover and the game was some mighty pain. Also do note that the first round was played by 2 Byterapers teams. ;-)

    On the army front, Suchko has just gone to the national service. Damn looser. He's making the whole group look bad. See the current (B) In Army -roster.

    VERY old and poorly scanned (B) 5 inch floppy disk cover 16.03.1998

    Well, we've had few horrido wet drinking parties here. There's not been much official work being done, Sivu had his 20th birthday and we threw up one excellent sauna-party. The only problem was that we had to stop finally as the place closed.

    Something has happened, though. Byterapers Movie Productions shot another movie last week! Shooting took only one day, though the movie must be edited before it can be published. Movie was very inspiration driven, there wasn't that much of pre-planning or ready script. Also the nature gave the actors very hard time, since they had to run around outside and it was freezing cold. Luckily nobody caught any serious illnesses.

    In month or two there will be a Byterapers Movie Productions compilation tape, with all the great (B) movies finally available in one great collection. This will be an instant classic. You will see announcements about this amazing production when time is right! Don't miss this chance! It's only available through the TV-Shop!


    This actually happened a bit earlier, but no time for updating the pages earlier:

    We've taken a new member, Mistral. An ex-Parallax (Amiga) graphician was asked to join after we came to conclusion that Byterapers desparately needs a new, good graphician. While we have good graphicsmen in the group, especially Mike comes to mind, Mike is always under huge pressure when making demos especially because he is the only gfx guy usually present in the demo making sessions.

    So welcome Mistal! We trust you'll give a new injection of ideas, new level of graphics and hopefully good amount of design into our future productions! Check _here_ for Mistral's memberpage.


    Byterapers WWW pages have now moved into the new domain of Reason?

    Originally we moved into because the site was too limited. It cost money and we were not able to expand the site because quota limitations. Ratol seemed good move, but then suddenly they put a block into foreign data routes - which meant that foreign users could not access (B)Web. This was naturally terribly bad!

    After a lot of looking, the great people of offered a home. And it seems that this will be a staying home for us for some years to come.


    Well, it's a new year again. We took part in The Party 7 democompo, but didn't make it into the prize places. The reason was quite much in the sloppy finishing - the demo was put together very, very busily and in unorganized way.

    So now we're making plans for our next demo. We have a place open for a graphician and we will put more design work into it than earlier. The first 3 PC demos were training scenarios, looking at the PC platform. Now is time to really attempt to create something better.

    After all, it took 2 years to climb into the top of the C64 scene, and 8 years before we started making really breathtaking demos. Now it's time to do something better on PC.

    What else? Guys are working, studying or lazying. Beer consumption is still high.


    Well, well. We are really high now on Finnish fan charts. Check the Finnish youngsters or whatever Nuoret-page here Idolimittari and give us a vote as well! Help us stay as number in the Finnish youth's minds! :-)


    Had a pretty lovely drinking weekend here. Check Byterapers' parties for more info!


    Uutispaivitys Ilosaareen. Tapahtuman paikkaa on vaihdettu, joten leirintaalueetkin lienevat muuttuneet. Emme siis tieda minne leiriydymme. Todennakoisyys on jotta jonnekin leirialueiden laheisyyteen, ILMAISELLE paikalle josta emme suostu maksamaan rahaa. Varaamme tilaa muillekin teltoille. Meidat tunnistaa valtavan suuresta viher-valkoisesta aurinkovarjosta, joka tosiaan kohottuu korkealle muiden ylapuolelle. Tarkempia tunnistusmerkkeja varjossa lukeva teksti KEKKILA ja siita roikkuva jonkinsortin Byterapers-lippu. Loydymme siis varsin helpohkosti muusta massasta. Hyvat aijat ja scenepersoonat naisihmisineen tervetulleita leiriytymaan kanssamme.


    Byterapers Oluset'97 and Juhla Special! 1st (!!!!!) weekend of July in Iisalmi! Finland's first, biggest and best beer festival! Get your ass here! We are NOT arranging a true Juhla party here after all, but instead just drink beer'n'booze. There will be a last minute effort to find a suitable drinking venue for sceneduudes arriving the festival.

    As you surely know, we happened to win the PC demo competition in Abduction'97. Ugh. See the story in scene/partypage.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy Trip to Ilosaarirock'97

    We are planning to do a great trip to Ilosaarirock'97, Joensuu, again this year. It's gonna rule, rule!

    The exact plans:
    There will be a great Byte-Camp that will house any interested, cool scenedude. It will be centered around our amazing, huge sun umbrella of 3x5 METERS big! The tents will be erected in circle/semi-circle around it, with big plastic covers.

    No voe vittu, ei sinne kuitenkaan kukaan ulkomaalainen tule samperi.

    Eli huge bytecamppi, kaupan takapihalta varastetun megaison aurinkovarjon ymp„rille ja sitten laitetaan isoja suojamuoveja siit„ telttoja kohden jotta saadaan suunnaton suojainen alue jonne ei vesi loiski vaikka miten huono saa tulisi.

    Lokaatio tullee olemaan RAVIRADAN VIERESSA, ulkopuolella, todennakoisesti portista jonkin matkaa OIKEALLE jos paastaan paikalle tarpeeksi aikaisin. Jos emme ole aivan siina, niin etsikaa sita hugen isoa aurinkovarjoa vain. Tulemme mita todennakoisimmin myos laittamaan nakyville jonkinlaisen isohkon BYTERAPERS kyltin opastamaan ihmisia.

    Toivotamme hienot, ihanat, viileat sceneihmiset tervetulleiksi joinaamaan joukkomme. Naisystavat saa tuoda mukaan, mika on myos toivottavaa jotta balanssi ei vinoudu liian pahasti.

    HUOMATKAA: Leiri pystytetaan jo PERJANTAINA. Alamma juhlaamisen jo silloin. Jos pystytte, tulkaa jo silloin varmistaaksenne sisapiirin lokaatio telttaleirissa. Jattakaa e-mailia jos olette 100% varmoja tullaksenne ja tehdotte esim. puhelinkommunikaatiota leirin loytaaksenne.

    Tuokaa grilleja, mattoja, kaikkea luksusta. Teemme Ilosaarirock-festareista eliittitason rockbileet joista ei puutu mitaan. ETENKAAN VIINAA JA KEPUA!