During the early stoneage, Byterapers was important figure in arranging parties in Finland. The annual (B) party was awaited, important happening and usually all active scenepeople arrived. A (B) party was the place where you would surely see everyone else. These big events were supplemented by smaller parties, which were very intensive - and especially the 1989 Voodoo-party is still claimed to be the best event they ever visited.

Byterapers copyparty "Grendelparty" Iisalmi, 08-14.8.1988
Byterapers Voodoo-party, Tampere, 18-20.08.1989
Grendel's Wreckaparty, Iisalmi
Rockstar 18th Birthday, Seinäkoski
Byterapers/Scoopex/Extasy party "Grendelparty II", Iisalmi, 10-12.08.1990
Byterapers "Gathering'91", Parikkala, 26-28.7.1991
Assembly'92 co-organizer, Kauniainen, 24-26.06.1992
CompuCamp'94, Iisalmi, winter
Assembly'94 C-64 organizers, Helsinki, autumm
Juhla'95, Iisalmi, winter
Juhla'95 Kaks ja Puali, Iisalmi, summer
Assembly'95 C-64 organizers, Helsinki, autumm
Juhla'96 Pii (3.14...), Iisalmi, 19-21.01.1996
Assembly'96 C-64 organizers, Helsinki, autumm
(B) 10 years invitation-only party, Iisalmi, 21-23.02.1997
Juhla'97 IVB, Raahe, winter
Juhla V, Kajaani, 22-24.05.1998

Stories from Byterapers meetings and miniparties

Under the bus-station
Youth house 3
Proton's house 4 & 5
The easter party '97

A number of miniparties and meetings in Koukunjoki/Iisalmi

Misc. parties in Iisalmi and elsewhere:
Grendel's Wreckaparty 1989 Added 09121998.
Sivu's 18th birthday - feb. 1996
Vappu II - summer 1996
Beachparty in Micron's place - summer 1996 - updated 310198
Oluset'96 - summer 1996
The Joy Joy Byterapers trip to Ilosaarirock'96
New Year's party in Proton's place - dec. 1996
Small Byterapers Sweden meeting/party 210297
Sivu 20 years birthday party - winter/spring 1998
Byterapers Spring 1998 celebration party - spring 1998
Byterapers Ilosaarirock 1988 happyhappyjoyjoy trip - summer 1998
Byterapers pikkujoulu'98

Other stuff: old articles and historipieces about thought and planned parties:
Planned party in shipping lane
Planned series of Grendel-parties in Lahti - WEB exclusive
Having a party

Grendel's Wreckaparty 1989

This happened in Grendel's place. A bunch of Byterapers and friends was invited.

Ootkos unohtanu ne bileet jossa oli sitä Jippo olutta (Vihreetä) ja poltettiin raamattua teidän olohuoneen lattialla ja sänky hajos ja Lanttu yritti puukottaa mut :) asuit siellä leffateatterin yläkerrassa mutsis kanssa? aamulla tuli veljes ja ajo kaikki pois ja me Peetun kanssa vietiin ne muutamat tyypit hotellihuoneeseen Sokoshotellin takakautta ja sen jälkeen kun oltiin ne saatu sinnu niin aiottiin katkaista kaikki sähkö koko hotellista mutta meidät meinattiin ampua!.. Vahtimestari ilmestyi pistooli kourassa! ja ohjasi meidät ulos..... en muista mitkä oli partyt mutta ne oli ihan kivat ;)

See couple pictures at the Gallery.

Source: Scandinavian News 2/1989 #8

Rockstar's 18th Birthday-party by Byterapers

When our dear member Rockstar achieved the age of 18 magical years, a bunch of people packed themselved and travelled to Seinäjoki to celebrate the happening. And legends were born, as well a TechnoShit II -demo.

***** A miniparty in Seinajoki *****

Rockstar of Byterapers was having his 18th birthday, and a small party had been planned for the next weekend. Time came and I drove there with 2 friends, The Wicked and Hoffi.

His home was found very easily, with no problems at all. Surprising. At the moment there was only Rockstar's little brother Python (also a member) home and he showed us where to put our Amiga & TV. Time went and other folks also came there. There were Monster, TMB,Hawkeye, Rockstar, Python, me (Grendel), Hoffi & Wicked, finally. Afternoon came and we started to have fun,drinking and making practical jokes to each other. The 1st night went ok, but it wasn't fun when we tried to enter a near pub and the officer wanted to see our papers. Hoffi was just 17, and officer didn't let him in, even we tried to cheat him... Damn.

Next morning we slowly woke up and made visits to booze-shop and local second hand book store. After that was done, back to the party. Now some local people arived, and the REAL -----> fun started. Some thing that happened there:

- Hoffi drunk half bottle of soapwater without noticing anything.

- I drunk 1/4 bottle (beer-one) same soapwater, without noticing anything. I also drunk some vinegar from a gin- bottle (without noticing anything that anything was wrong) and some special coctails those local guys made.

- We played real strippoker with real humans, the loser had to take off one garment. There were 4 guys and one 14 years old girl who dared to play it. Wicked was the only one to play without any cheats, others cheated as much as they could.At the end Wicked was naked, while others still had most of their clothes on.

- From aquarium all fished died,cos of some gin on the water.

- Monster was nearly killed etc... Fun it was, real fun. On the way back home car went partly out of order, and our trip to Kuopio (300km) took for about 11 hours to drive (it was a fast trip, aargh).
By Grendel.........

The meeting at Rockstar's place, 27-29.1'88 happened. There was 9 guys cheering at his 18th birthday-party, and they are: Rockstar, Python, Grendel/(B), Wicked, Monster/Bloodsuckers, Hoffi, TMB, TNT/Axion. Later came more local people and of course we were all very drunk and having werry good time. Afterwards thinking, it really was the funnies party I've been ever at - why all parties can't be that great?????

Only thing we were missing were Icebreaker and Zados, if they'd have been there too... Ahh... No words on earth telling what would had been going on. House would probable be buried, and someone with it (now only the fishes in aquarium died because too much alcohol in their water).

Byterapers And Friends Under The Bus Station

- Mr. Sex was coming to the partyplace when a bottle fell through a hole in his bag and broke. Mr. Sex quickly turned around, shouting "Who the fuck threw a beer bottle at me!?". When he turned, another bottle fell from the bag and broke. He turned around again, still shouting in panic, "Who's throwing FULL bottles at me?!?!?!".

And it was everything wholly like this, from the beginning to the end. These parties happened truly in a youth space situated directly under the Pielavesi bus station, just like in a bunker. It was big, spacey, and offered stereos and RISK board game as well as a 'free' phone line. It had long distance calls blocked, but we managed to invent a way to use it anyway, we ordered fax calls and then used the line for some heavy trading.

One most funny moment was when we tried to call a Finnish BBS and the Tele operator insisted that they cannot route calls into Finland from that number. Merit/(B) then changed into heavy gear and told the lady "I'm Merit Corleoned from the Byterapers Incorporated, we are a multi-million computer corporation and have just recently opened a finnish subdivision and we urgently need to contact our business partners, NOW. So GET THAT LINE OPEN!". It was truly magnificient stuff. Everyone was rolling all over laughing.

The (B) miniparty at Pielavesi youth house
was one excellent one. What do we recall:

- One of the visitors was a a brittish dude called Tripwire had escaped to Finland because he had shot his sister with a pellet gun while high on LSD...

- Sometime friday night Hoffi & Proton puked on the TV-room carpet, which was later moved to the toilet.

- While in the bar, Proton, who was a good friend of the owner, asked the owner to give him a whisky, though he had no money. The owner did so, and Hoffi (or T.O.B.) saw this and asked the owner to give a free drink too... He didn't get it, surprisingly...

- When Deadbeat/The Sharks passed out on Saturday he was also moved to the same toilet with the carpet and he slept the night there, though he denies this.

- The place was just great. There was soft sofas & chairs, pool table, TV & VRC in a different room, great place to drink & chat.

- Proton had run out of money so he broke into the youth centers kiosk and stole the money from the cash register, so that he & Hoffi could go to a local bar to drink. He later paid the money back.

- Ice & Tripwire found a magic marker during the night and started to draw flowers, swastikas & stuff onto sleeping peoples cheeks and other parts.

- Dr. Dick, Mr. Sex & Hazi switched the keys from Enema's A500 so that they were in alphabetical order. Also Grendel had his A500's function keys reversed (and that's the way they are today...).

- Here's an example of Dr. Dick's technical genius: He took a power supply from a PC and peeled the cords and started to stick them into the power sockets of an A500. Some careful adjusting, and they were in, hopefully. He looked at the cords for a while and then turned the power on from the A500. It worked...

- Micron and Dice were also in the partyplace (though they were just about the only PC-users in there) and Micron (or Dice) had his PC with him. Everybody was playing Star Control II, which was new and amazing at the moment...

- Micron or Dice was showing off the intro from Campaign II, saying "This is PC power! I wanna see you do this on Amiga. Well, I (Hazi) booted Campaign II and showed them the Amiga version of the introduction, and it was exactly the same... Amiga Rulz!

- Hazard and Grendel had entered the party with Hazardous family Lada. Since it was winter the car naturally got quite frozen during the weekend, and in Sunday when people were trying to get away it was wholly frozen to the parking lot. Took lots of effort to get the larga moving again.

(B) drinking parties in L2 (Proton's ex-place):

Grendel's perspective supplemented with others memories:

These are some of the most drunken and awesome things we've ever made. Oh those amounts of booze, and those hangovers. I personally have experienced some of the worst hangovers I've ever suffered in exactly these meetings. One time it was around 1900 when I was recovering back into any kind of life.

The action was always hectic here. We had the whole big house just for ourselves, a big garden too, and oh my they were utilized well. Once when we came we turned the sauna on almost immediately, and then it was on till the next morning. I for example bathed five time during that one night, and Dr.Dick walked all the time around dressed with only a towel. Everytime he had dried up, he went back to sauna. This party pretty much the most hectic of them all, since we got visitors. The partylocation, Pielavesi, is a small village and, it seems, parties are very rare. So somehow word started getting around that there's a party going on and lots of locals wandered in. Finally all Byters and our visitors were complete minority with all those locals drinking in our party. Finally we bored to that situation, rallied and started throwing them out. My, some didn't like that. "Nuo saatanan tietokonehomot pilkkaa meitä, tulkaa ulos tappelemaan" (Those fucking computergays are mocking us, come out and fight). Well, we went out to fight. They fled.

Now we saw that awesome sight. Nico/(B), one of our hosts, had been in sauna during this whole episode and now he came out. My, it was winter, we were far outside the house and Nico just walks there sauna-fresh in cold winter weather. He is like a geysir, exhaling steam all around! Also, he's pretty muscled type, so in that dark cold winter night with all lights pretty far away it looks like there's some Arnold Schwarzenegger walking towards us, steamy and angry. BTW Nico had been trying to get one of the girls in party and we drove even her away. Oh poor us. One of those locals had not run that fast and so we talked with him a bit and explained it was ours drinking party and not some focken free-for-all-party and then we could continue with out serious ByteDrinking activities.

A funny bit followed. At some moment somebody had localized himself into the foyer of the house, you know, a very small room in these private houses meant for shoes and stuff. 1 or 2 square meters big. Well, then someone else came there, then again someone else. We started taking payments for coming in, everyone had to bring some new booze to enjoy together. Finally, I think there was NINE persons in that very small room cramped together. It was really tight fit and everybody had to sit feets in opposite direction to the next one. The guy sat nearest to door outside, worked as a freezer - when one wanted more booze or wanted the freezerman opened the door and put/took booze to/from the snowpile outside. It was really tight fit as if anyone managed to splash beer on floor, three persons got wet as you couldn't avoid it. The inner door even couln't be opened anymore, I remember clear people trying to squueze their head in to see who are there, and had hard time doing it. And oh my, Dr.Dick was still going around wearing only his towel. Some of those girls who were in party earlier had tried to rob it, but Dr.Dick fought well back. Stupid girls though refused to go to sauna with him. :-(

This same meeting presented interesting sight, when Nico was attemting a sexual experience with a unwilling lady. They fell to floor in Nico's floor, and Nico managed to position himself over her. Full clothes tho. Nico tried to kiss and stuff her, and she didn't want to. She tried to crawl away but Nico continued crawling - like a double sandwich Nico on top of her. They crawled to the corridor, through the living room, through foyer to the garden before she got away. Others just looked 'oh nice, Nico, take some beer' etc. She was pretty frenzied outside and started throwing garden stuff around. :-)

The sleeping acts were some of most interesting ever. Five guys slept in one 2-person bed, and especially Hazi was very closely in touch with Lanttu. Say, Lanttu had lived together with his girlfriend for multiple years so no wonder he was quite used in sleeping with woman. Now, there was Hazi instead a female. Hazard woke up, feeling a hand coming from his back and embracing him. Oh my, that was Lanttu thinking asleep his girlfriend was there. Well Hazi was kind and gently (uuuuu) took Lanttu's hand away. Soon the hand crawled slowly back to Hazi, and this time Hazi was not that gentle anymore removing it. When Lanttu was getting to Hazi for third time, Hazi angrily threw the hand away - and it landed straigh into Dice/Doomsday's face - SPLAT BAM - nice waking up dead drunk when someone hits you straigh into face. I think Hazi moved himself to floor then...

After Hazard moved away Lanttu moved his interests to T.o.B, and T.o.B ricocheted to hell. Now Lanttu tried to reach Albert's butt, but nobody remembers anymore whether they got each other or not.

Other very interesting joining happened when Lanttu and Mr.Sex both passed out in same sofa. My creative mind had then a blast and I quite went arranging them to very interesting position, where Mr.Sex laid himself wide open for Lanttu to come, and Lanttu's hands were positioned very hornily over Sex's genirals. It looked hilarious. I called everyone to watch it and now laterwards it's really terrible thing no-one had a camera. A golden opportunity lost!

Now, personally, the wierdo thingo during the other night was pretty interesting indeed. I clearly remember going to sleep in the computer room, in a chair, taking other chair to put my legs on. Tuija, Proton's girlfriend, slept on the sofa. Later Proton came (they lived nearby) and took Tuija, and offered me a sleeping place in their home. I had one option: I must get to sleep next to Tuija. Well, they refused and I continued sleeping happily in the chair. Next morning. Er. I wake up and Dr.Dick's feet are almost in my mouth. WHAT? I'm in that sofa, which is too small even for one person. WHAT? And I and Dr.Dick are were both sleeping on it. Dick remembers going to sleep in some OTHER room, and neither remembers getting on that sofa. Hmm.

Of course the sauna was on very much. Often it was hot from the evening to morning, and after waking up in the next afternoon we immediately turned it back on. The sauna often suffered quite badly from our handling. Once T.o.B and Mr.Sex tried hard to warm it up, but there was some strange trouble. Afterwards the problem was found: sauna's heat setting was in 30 celcius. One other time we fitted almost all people present there, seven guys were sitting in the upper bench, more in the lower, and rest were standing. We put our feet to the foot-carrier, and it crashed (too much weight). Then the lower bench crashed as well. The sauna was quite in ruins.

The midsummer-festival 1996 party was as well very interesting. All were naturally dead drunk, but the damage inflicted was pinpoint accuracy. For example, the flagpole's knot was somehow detached. It was found somewhere in garden, and flagpole was otherwise completely unaffected. Eh?

And the Atari 2600 matches. Yeah!

Of course, pranks were pulled all the time. For example, poor Dice was sleeping happily in the sofa and others were going for a smoke etc to the garden. Well, they start yelling "COPS ARE COMING! COPS ARE COMING!" to his ear and Dice runs outside in panic, without shoes, and others just have a crap laugh on him. No cops in while village, naturally.

Dice was regular outsider on these meetings, as you can see. For quite a good reason. Those stunts were good stuff, and especially that one when Dice was leaving the party with Hazard and others. Dice sits in the car, closes door, opens door, pukes and says to Hazard 'you drive.'

It's really bad Proton's family sold the house. No more Byterapers Pielavesi-parties. Important chapter from (B) history is closed.

(B) meeting in easter'97

A big bunch of rapers collected themselves and dragged asses to Pielavesi for another of our traditional drinkin'meetings in the restaurant Restentti. The place has excellent sauna with swimming pool facilities and everything, more booze just phonecall away and so on.

No wonder we use the place over and over again.

This time about the following people met:
Grendel, Lasse & Mira, Sivu, Deadbeat/Sharks & Johanna, Nico, Proton & Tuija, T.o.B, Jucca, Enema.

Fanciful drinking, falling down and lots of swimming followed. Very lovely.

Nico's report:

No report. :)


pre-CompuCamps were a series of meetings and mini-parties that were arranged by Grendel/Byterapers in the very place of first Byterapers-party in 1988. The CCs took place between 1991-1994, and people participating were either Byterapers-members or our more/less local pals. CCs developed from our local RPG/strategy-game club's meetings.

What happened there? A lot!


- As we had Albert/(B) Amiga 3000 there, we were very much keen on doing special stuff with it. Butttt... We needed a SCSI-cable as Albert's own one was insufficient. You should have seen how Proton and Albert salvaged two IDE-cables and built one working though PATCHY looking SCSI-cable from them.

- See Meteli-series from (B) Amiga productions. They were very popular and addictive stuff to sing and produced lots of followups. We recorded wonderful Meteli-samples there like 'nyt tämä meni screenbeatiksi koko homma" but unfortunately all were destroyed.

- We built own flipper table. We took a corino-table, tilted into into slight angle and started taping objects onto it. There was a ramp on right side which was used to throw the ball to the field, and players used CD-diskboxes as paddles. It was hilarious!

- Micron asked us to buy him food from city. Well, we bought him 2 kg of dogsausages. Micron thought it was Deadbeat/The Sharks' idea and pushed into the corner and Deadbeat actually was struggling some 30 cm from the floor!

- Later Hazard and Deadbeat warmed those focken sausages in oven and put them under beds, under sleeping people. And THEY SMELLED BAD! WHOLE HOUSE SMELLED BAD!

- Some fellows bought beer and well that was not allowed. Grendel confiscated them and hide them, but Proton & co picklocked the door and drunk them hiding.

- Wode/Doomsday (noways, I mean DOomsday) was away to we opened his computer. We put tapes everywhere the machine, wrote texts onto the box and cables and someone turned all the SIMMs wrong way.

- Micron forgot his computer's BIOS password, and everyone tried to hack his machine as the password was 'from some nearby thing I saw'. Finally Micron took the battery out and let the BIOS 'dry up'.

- A fella named Juuti was dropping water everywhere, and even over Micron's keyboard.


The Joy Joy Byterapers trip to Ilosaarirock'96

Oluset'96 - summer 1996

The annual Byterapers beer-festival, Olutset, took again place in happy joy summer of 1996, for about the 8th time or something. Some 15.000 people visited Iisalmi drinkin beer and Byterapers also got together to share the joys of drinking beer together.

- 2 hours taxi-queue

- sato niin vitusti ja mentiin fanittamaan toppanaa kun se soitti, se topilippu ja stuff

Byterapers' Beachparty in Micron's place - summer 1996

Grendel's perspective:

Sometime during the beerish summer of 1996 Byterapers decided to throw a party in Micron's place. It was to be a bit bigger than our usual boozings, and we invited couple of friends too, including JMagic/Complex and and.... Um. A lot of lesser seen Byters living further away entered the fray, including Mr.Sex, Dr.Dick, Birra and Kraku. I guess the total number of people being, staying and visiting was 20-30. Of course, exact details are a bit fuzzy.

The fun started already from the partyname. Originally we meant to meet at Micron's and then wander on to the beach to drink'n'sing. Anyway the weather went a bit bad and calm, even drizzled a bit at some moment. So we decided to booze at Micron's place instead, and tried to imagine it was a sunny beach.

I made a few notes in the beginning.

1730 - it's a start, dudes!
Stories told.

1830 - pretty sober still.
A scene competition. Someone playing musics from demos and people must recognize which demo they belong to.

1930 - jeah jeah!
Mr.Sex pukes!

1940 - uuuuuts!
Jazz is shown Please Me, Drill Me demo. She starts to doubt everything is not well, when people run around yelling 'everyone come here, we will show Drill to Jazz!' and people corner around the computer and her, and try not to laugh. Jazz takes everything with slight shuddering and doesn't get shocked when se sees the artistical view of her face in the credits part with that comment 'Fountain of sexual inspiration.'

2000 - jahhuu
A note 'Jmagic'. Guess it means that Jmagic arrived. Another mysterious note 'Jazz lippu', translated 'Jazz flag'.

2215 - boozy
At this time Jmagic was hurting. Grendel was just intending to 'meaned to kick ya but I didnt' kick him but oh my, the kick went to the target. Jmagic's balls were hurting and he was down in kitchen's corner for a long long time.

2350 - Yappii
Dice/Doomsday saw the neighbour's cat and fell in love with it. 'Minä haluan kissan, saatana! Kissa on siisti!' (I want a cat, darn it! Cat is cool!)

And other stuff without clocks:

-There was so many people in one room that they didn't have the space to rave on. Someone played some great music and Sivu/(B) then invented the space saving dance where you just bend your knees a bit and move a little bit upside down.

-Grendel and Pia were, er, jammed into the toilet. Meanwhile, several people were starting to feel the urge. Unfortunately, the door wouldn't open. This had two interesting results: the toilet-door got a big hole as Micron crashed a big long wooden heavy bench into it, and as Mr.Sex couldn't get in for a puke he had to use Micron's kitchensink which had unwashed dishes. Next morning Micron was looking at his dishes, which had somehow gotten a puke-layer.

-Mr.Sex was thrown into a closet and not let out.

-Pia made a strip-tease dance outside and had already untied her bra before a kind soul saved her from later taunting. All males outside though blamed that saver badly. Pia also sometime started suffering of cold and cramped herself into the trunk of Micron's car which was used as a garden-stereosystem. Later Pia gave us the show of 'how to fall down every 10 steps' when we left for the city.

-Kraku the coding miracle managed to pull couple excellent stunts as well. For example he managed to break his eyeglasses, and didn't recognize T.o.B - which should be very easy thing to do. He's never been a heavy boozer, but here in this party he broke all his earlier personal records. Also tho he broke several laws. When people started getting hungry or something, he drove to the local 24h gas station with great grill, bar and shop - completely boozed. Later he tried to turn off the light from car, but actually manages to turn flasher on. Something else was left on during the night, and next morning his car won't start. Surprise surprise, the car is a electrifying miracle and won't start without enough power. So guys build a 'horrible' electrical system to the engine bonned and draw power elsewhere, and actually everybody survives without electrifying themselves.

NEW - 31.01.1998 update

Kraku has more stuff to fill some holes about the Beachparty.

Micron, Jmagic and Kraku tried to drive somewhere, but the car's batteries were empty after all that music playing last night. When the car didn't start Kraku & Jmagic had to start pushing the car around, trying to make it start while Micron was sitting inside the car "push boys push", and you know, he alone weights easily more than Kraku & Jmagic together. Guys weren't exactly pleased at this as it would have been more sensible to do it the other way.

The highlight was of course that Micron's car had injection engine, which will NOT start from any pushing. So guys were pushing it and pushing it, trying to start and Micron was just sitting in and farting'n'laughing for 10 minutes before Micron remembered that it's not going to start whatever they would do.

Then they tried to get some electricity from Krakuäs Saab, but there was some problems. Engine bonnet's unlock level had rusted broken so they couldn't get it open. Then someone looked that there's a 3 cm crack between windscreen and engine bonnet, with accumulator's poles just some 30-40 cm away. So they took some long sticks and stuffed those electricity wires from the crack, placed them over Saab's accumulator and prayed that it won't explore. Luckily Magic J was so snappy that no accident's happened and guys drove to buy shit and stuff.

Pia, the famous she devil, also gave a total treatment to Dice/Doomsday. Pia got angry for whatever reason, and started biting her very angrily. A very painful moment was when Pia was biting Dice's NOSE (!!!!), and almost bit of off. It was bleeding for some time and real red for the rest of the evening and hurt for many days. Pia also did a great bite to Dice's arm, where a scar could be seen almost half a year later.

At some moment Mr. Sex tried to tape Jmagic. They were struggling for 15-20 minutes and Mr. Sex was just getting hornier all the time. Happened about 1 hour after JMagic had arrived.

*** small Byterapers/Swe meeting/party 21/2 ***

Location : Speed-heads place
People :
Speed-head (very much Booze and cool demo nostagic)
CSA (came from 6month vacation in Asia, video show of all his adventures in Asia ... hmmm ...had also 2liter of Taiwan booze with him ) (tapping the C-64 very much....)
Mr Jani(old member of JMC / Dr.stars old group in 1986 before (B)
Polo (was too drunk to be with us...)
and some other dudes (lamers)
Computers : C-64, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 and PC

Ancient party related articles

Source: Scandinavian NewS #10 20.5.1989

Planned party in shipping lane
By Grendel

This plan never got thru, but it was a beautiful idea...

Party Aboard a Ferry????

I and some other Byterapers have been wondering if we should sometimes have a party on a ferry that cruises between Sweden and Finland. As an idea it is really amazing: Imagine lots of people having a party in a ship that cruises for example between Stockholm and Helsinki or Stockholm and Turku.

Wouldn't that be cool???????

We could rent a conference-room and bring some compus there.Maybe we'd even use them a bit. Then we could wander in the disco, pub, tax-free shop to buy beer etc.... Wouldn't you love it?????? Or you could bring some booze with you to the ship,and then have a good time.

If you are interested in this idea, please inform me about it and tell what would be good date for such a party.

WEB-exclusive: planned series of Grendel-parties in Lahti

After the Lahti-catastrophe Grendel planned to have a series of Grendel-parties in Lahti starting from Summer 1989, but the unfortunate conditions prevented them.

The terrible cancelling of the Lahtiparty led to a complete prohibition of renting Lahti-schools for any happenings. The planned party-series was meant to happen quarterly, supporting Finnish scene with a Venlo-like regular meetings.

Having a party
by Grendel

This article was released in Scandinavian News issue 6 in Dec'88, telling about what problems early partyarranged faced.

Having a party: problems to solve

A succesful copyparty is a dream of every good and lame group. Crew which is able to arrange a copyparty, and get there even guests, has potential to become well-known, even it doesn't have much power in other sectors. People who visit good parties, write about it in their demos, and next time are also coming there with new guests.

But is it easy to arrange a party where everyone will have good time and enjoy their existence? NO!

Arranging a party is a hard work, and it's not fast. I'm talking with voice of experience: I arranged alone the (B) party in August, and it was h. a. r. d.

Of course there are people who are much more experienced than me in arranging a party, but it's me writing this so.....

Of course the most important thing in the whole arrangement is PLACE. Without any place party is a bit hard to have, right? So what kind of place it should be? There are several demands:

A> Space. Is there room for only 20 guests or can you get inside the place 500 people? Think how big party you want to have, how much lamer-crews you are going to invite there and are there foreigners coming. Everyone should have enough space to fit their computers and themselves too.

B> Tables and chairs. Let's think: you got an excellent place for a party but didn't visit it before the party -day. Great, just very few tables and 10 chairs. Where to get all computers? To floors? And where all guests will sit? At floors too? No way. Make sure there is enought tables and chairs to sit at

C> Electricity. Wow! A&B are alright. Now compus and at the tables and people start plugging their compus to life. Wot a heck? Where are all the wall sockets? Great! Only one socket per room. When you should plug 15 compus to it, you won't surely get too liked. And there's excellent chances that a lamer will get the whole room dark by taking the plug out of socket ( thanks to GUDRUM MEDITATION for cutting our power twice - fuck you lamers - how they got in at Alvesta?). So make sure there's enought sockes in all rooms. Also very important: also check they aren't under the same fuse.

D> Where to sleep? Most of the guys want to sleep sometimes. They should have a silent place, far from computers to sleep. If it's summer and warm, it's possible to sleep outside in a tent but at winter that's not too easy. If the place has got LOTS of space and floors, you could give one floor to sleepers only.

E> Alcohol... In the place should alcohol be free to use. This is very, very important when it's possible some Finns will be presented. In Finnish parties people won't come to show others 'look how good coder I am' but to have FUN, to meet old'new friends. This requires lots of alcohol. Check you won't be thrown out from the place if some people are crowling around on the floors fully drunk. OBS : don't close toilets if someone throws up inside... ( like they did at Alvesta - argh only 2 toilets and the bigger was closed because someone threw up. That's normal behaviour in Finland but Swedes can't understand anything....)

F> Advertise, advertise and once more advertise. Make demos, make hundreds of invitations and pre-invitations, tell contacts to advertise the party in their demos etcetcetc... Send 20 invit. to each of your best contacts and ask them to spread them to their good cont.

G> When the party-date is: HAVE FUN & be so fucking drunk all the time....... (my record: DDG's digiparty'88: 3 days long party, all the time drunk. Hehe )

Maybe you can get some help from these hints for your party. Make an ad to SN about it, ok? The game is over.(Marillion) (Grendel)