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Byterapers are into movies! That's right! Many movies are already out, and more will be coming (if we have the cash to pay for the use of cameras & editing equipment!). Following is a brief explanation of the movies and some info about forthcoming attractions!

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  The movies

Splattered Death - 1995
Fochyrbenis - 1995
Splattered Death II - Rives Runs Red - 1997
Makkaiver - 1997
(B)-Files II - The Unopened Beer - 2000
Grendel's Aerial Combat Movie / Dweebs High- 2005
Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki - 2005
Byterapers 20 years birthday party dvd - 2006
Byterapers 25 years birthday party - 2011

Coming soon or sometimes

  Movie downloads

Makkaiver trailer - 1:58, MPEG, 18 MB.
Makkaiver movie - MPEG, 285 MB.
Grendel's Aerial Combat Movie - Sotaelokuva - WMV, 29 MB.
Grendel's Aerial Combat Movie - Sotaelokuva - VCD MPEG, 34 MB.
Dweebs High - VCD MPEG, 28 MB.
Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki teaser - VCD MPEG, 15 MB.
Downloudaa Assembly 2005 -traileri VCD MPEG, 49 Mt, pituus 4:48.
Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki - lowres VCD MPEG, 409 Mt, pituus 40:04.
Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki - highres WMV, 401 Mt, pituus 40:04.
Byterapers 20 years birthday party dvd - ISO image, 2,1 GB
Byterapers 20 years dvd cover (jpg) and cover (.ncd, Nero Cover Designer)


MakKaiver HD is out! See it here.

Byterapers 20 years birthday party DVD is out. See it here.

Byterapers Movie Productions is preparing to release the document about the demoscene history of Iisalmi - and the related beer drinking culture of this ancient demotown. A teaser video is now available. In Finnish, sorry. Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki.

Byterapers Movie Productions has released its first indie production. This magnificient aerial combat movie from Grendel is fantastic in its presentation and realism, and immediately a first rate classic on the genre of war movies. Sample the movie from its own movie section.

Makkaiver has been released! Sample the movie from its introduction below or from the smaller trailer.

We are try to get other Byterapers Movie Productions' releases to the Internet. Hopefully both in MPEG and Video-CD (VCD) formats.

The new hit movie of year 2000, (B)-Files II, is also expected to his the MPEG and VideoCD-formats soon. Our plans now include to digitize each and every (B) Movie Productions film, and get it online in smaller sized MPEG-file - and high quality VideoCD. As we now are getting things rolling it is not too unlikely we get some films in autumm 2000 online.

As we get the movies to MPEG I can also grab screenshots of them and made this page alive. Yeah.


early 1995

Splattered Death wasn't even meant to be a movie, a few (B)-members just wanted to try out ideas and test effects (mainly tried to find out what one could do with a videocamera and an editing board...:). The outcome was quite hilarious, so we just edited them so it would seem there was a real plot in it...

This is what we came up with:

- Errr.... We can't remember what happened in the movie....




early 1995

After Splattered Death came out so fine (?!?!?!) we were anxious to do something a bit more sophisticated. We made a script (!!) and started filming. New effects, a real plot , more actors and... A STUNT DOLL! Here is the plot for those of you who have seen the film and didn't know what the hell was going on:

A black-clad android bounty-hunter is trying to retrieve a mysterious Fjonga which has the power to grant its holder his/her deepest dreams. Lots of shit happens and gallons of blood (raspberry juice; very delicious; the film was shot in easter '95 and all the shops were closed so we didn't get any real blood :) flow... The ending beats even Tarantino!!! (... NOT!)

One very remarkable thing in this movie is its outstanding weirdness. If there is a member of the team or someone who's been told the plot, nobody has any chances to understand what is going on. Therefore there's been plans to create a Special Edition of the movie, where we have some kind of storyteller telling all the time what's actually going on. Naturally the result should be something.... .


Enema as Death
Nico as Wimp
Slobber as Bully
Hazi as Bounty-hunter and Hallumies
Allistysmies as Innocent Bystander and stunt for stunt doll (!)
TAC-2 as the Fjonga!
Stunt Doll as itself


As all members of Byterapers are keen fans of the TV-show X-Files this movie was inevitable. Starring Tero Mononen as agent Mulkero and Nico as agent Kulli they start to investigate a mysterious murder. The story unfolds and grisly details are revealed! Epänormal activity!

Movie contains all the traditional and fantastic things usually associated with X-Files, plus naturally the standard Byterapers Movie Productions elements: beer & fast, unbelievable action. The mysteries are slowly uncovered, by the detective brainwork by the UKK-agents. Who is after the three brothers? What really happened outside? Why all the evidence was destroyed by sudden fire, in front of the agents' eyes? Where all those empty beer bottles come from?

This movie has already become some kinda cult-thingie, as total strangers have been reported to have come talk to one of the actors in some shop and praise the movie.


Nico as Kulli
T. Mononen as Mulkero
Enema as one of the gay brothers
Lasse as one of the gay brothers
Jucca as one of the gay brothers
Slobber as the killer
Volvo as the auto



This (B)-movie is somewhat a tribute (?!) to it's prequel, having no sensible plot, lots of blood and extremely confusing dialog. The "plot" is simple, people kill each other over some briefcase which holds the most valuable thing on earth.




autumm/winter 1997


Makkaiver takes the original MacGyver-series, and gives it a total Byterapers Movie Productions treatment. The thick, surprising plot starts when Makkaiver suddenly drives over the last surviving Marmushka-siili, and decides to spend the rest of his days in shame, praying for forgiveness.

But the world doesn't let Makkaiver grieve in peace. His life is harhsly disturbed again and again, and he is forced to kill. Does Makkaiver ever get the balance of his soul back?

MakKaiver HD - 2022 upgraded HD edition of the classic adventure action. Deadbeat / The Sharks suggested us to try a new video enhancement software to the crappy VCD version of MakKaiver, originally digitized from a VHS copy. Enema / (B) took up the challenge and his machine worked on the AI enhancement job some days, through couple setting variations and audio resyncs. The results are... interesting, so to day. Yes, the movie is now in HD resolution and... It looks... Like some weird AI routine has truly given it some love. The result is therefore 100 % success and a worth HD update of a Byterapers Movie Productions classic. Enjoy with a beer!


Nico as Makkaiver
Slobber as Pete Thorton (Tortonin pete)
T. Mononen as Jake Dalton (Daltonin jaska)
Jucca as the woodsman
Enema as the tv permission inspector
Lasse as the hunter
Fur hat as the Marmushka-siili


Nico - sounds, editing
T. Mononen - script, cameraman (partly), editing
Jucca - sounds, editing
Uretaanimies "Julli" - stunts

Other credits

Niko Nyman, Chromag, Scortia, Snotty, Interphace, Typhoon, Motion, XTD, Hi-Lite, Hille, Yolk , Some1, Morrow, Zaddo, Groo, Sami Räihä - T.o.B/Byterapers


by Sami Räihä - T.o.B/Byterapers

See Makkaiver-screenshots and rough description of the plot.

Watch MakKaiver HD at Youtube by clicking here.
Download the movie by clicking here.



Yes, the sequel to the legendary (B)-Files is now ready!
It is now edited and will be released to the unsuspecting public ANY MOMENT!

Details and plot kept secret to annoy you.
2020 update:well keep waiting homeboys.

Grendel's Aerial Combat Movie | aka "Dweebs High"


Take notice that this is not official Byterapers release.

Sotaelokuva, Grendel's Aerial Combat Movie (original version) is the first ever indie production distributed by Byterapers Movie Productions. Produced by the ever famous aerial maniacs Überfinns Perkele, it is a action filled story of World War II aerial combats, from the viewpoint of a Messerschmitt 109 pilot who has to fight against the bomber and fighter fleets of his enemies. This story is filled with drama and action, and is produced to the highest standards.

A director's cut version called Dweebs High was produced for the short film competition of Assembly 2005. It received huge praise and enthusiasm from the audience. This was shortened with a completely new soundtrack, that actually synchs to the action. Also the texts in the end were redone with photos inserted below the texts.

Well. Of course you will notice that the thing is a joke. It was filmed in an aviation camp, with plenty beer acting as inspiration. The whole thing was "shot" using a crap digital camera. Believe it or not, but the original video is 288 x 208 resolution. :) The camera recorded only 30 secs maximum each time and took ages to save the video to the memory card. Editing the video was a hell, because for "some" reason video editing software didn't quite like the idea of working with THAT low resolution video recorded with a cheap digicamera and then rendering it to a DVD resolution. But hey, anyhow, the result is beautiful, isn't it? ;-)

Dweebs High ranked to 11th place out of 12 in the Assembly 2005 short film competition so some in the audience even liked it, because you could vote only for three entries. W00t! It achieved its target to being shown on the bigscreen, to the horror of the large audiences who missed the point of the whole aviation thingie. But that's for air enthusiasts only anyway.


Überfinns Perkele as the production team
Grendel as the pilot


Grendel - shooting and editing
Ok - special effects, Revi gunsight reproduction
Erik Lyden - editing of soundtrack (in original version)
Erik Lyden - full soundtrack in Dweebs High
Dictonius, Oiva, Itmo, Cosmo, Boxter - assistants

What the astonished audience has said?!
  • One of the most excellent guncams ever!
  • That was cool and so real looking :D good job :)
  • hahahahhaa that was excellent stuff! =)
  • That was awesome vid!1
  • One thing wondered me on this vid, why didin't the allied pilots just out-turn or loop out of the 109 sight as they do on WW2OL :lol: :lol:
  • lol, sick brothers.
  • Excellent stuff, now if we only had B24s to try these head on attacks against (and maybe a G6/R6 109)
  • Wow, I felt like I was right in the action. The "camera shake effect", while very popular in user made movies of late, was actually very convincing! Nice work, guys. Obviously a "hands on" team effort. Good show.
  • that was BY FAR the most convincing "sim" movie i had ever SEEN! the music was top notch, editing/transitions were smooth, clean, and quite refreshing. sound effects were quite the show stopper! the special effects on the aiming retical just screamed REALISM!
  • i can tell by your profesionalism, that there were no "slow down" moments to fine tune your attacks. plus, eash attack was on a single camera angle/shot thruout the scene. cant fake that! you are an ARIAL MARKSMAN! AND A **** FINE movie maker!
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and wholeheartedly agree with you GAU-8. This movie has the maker's personal presence shine through like no other.
  • I mean what can I say ......except WOW!!. A d@mn fine movie! The rest of the community should watch this and take notes. Once again........WOW!!
  • HOLY SH*T! The action was incredible, and, as pointed out--professionalism to the core. The canyon (fjord?) walls in the opening scenes were truly awesome. Which map did they use for those scenes????
  • This is one of the best I've ever seen!...and I've seen them All!! Is this real or game footage?
  • WOW! Movie Makers Forum watch out. You may have met your match! Ranks at the very top in terms of Realism and historical accuracy! A Classic!! hehe you bunch of nutcases...! Cool video And hugs and kisses back to you!
  • ROTFLOL... geeks
  • I can't believe I downloaded that
  • BRAVO!!!
The movie was originally shot at Mosquito Meeting 2003. It was then edited, nonstop, for the next two years to finish the special effects and to add the soundtrack perfectly in its place. The result ... The finest aerial combat movie you may have ever seen!

Download the movie by clicking here.

Iisalmi - demojen ja oluen kaupunki


Movie in Finnish, so is this.

Dokumentti juomisesta.

Iisalmi, tuo yläsavolainen pikkukaupunki. Suomen sydän tai ainakin kurkku. Kaupunki on eräällä tavalla suomalaisen demoscenen mekka. Kaupungista on kotoisin kaksi Suomen demoscenen historian merkittävimpiin kuuluvaa demoryhmää, jonka lisäksi siellä on toiminut lukuisia pienempiäkin ryhmiä - jokunen myös scenehistoriaan itsensä pysyvästi merkinneitä. Demonteon ohella kaupungissa on juotu myös paljon olutta.

Dokumenttielokuva kertoo hieman kaupungin demohistoriasta ja mainitsee myös nimeltä joitakin muitakin kaupungissa vaikuttaneita demoryhmiä (tai ainakin yhden), mutta aivan erityisesti se painottuu nimenomaan Byterapersin iloiseen juopotteluhistoriaan. Dokumentti kertoo - ja näyttää - aivan erityisesti eri paikkoja, missä Byterapersit ja muut sceneläiset ovat juoneet olutta - ja mitä tämän iloisen puuhailun yhteydessä onkaan sattunut. Tätä historiaa on tosin aivan liikaa, jotta se kaikki voitaisiin yhdessä elokuvassa esittää kokonaan. Niinpä tämä iloinen dogma-hengessä toteutettu dokumentti lähinnä antaa vain hieman pintaväläystä aiheeseen.

Leffa on tehty puhtaasti dogma-periaatteella. Sitä ei ole millään tapaa suunniteltu, vaan se syntyi yksinkertaisesti erään lomamatkan yhteydessä, kun Grendel esitteli Iisalmen "nähtävyyksiä" tuttavalleen - ja jutut keksittiin ottaa talteen videokameralle. Tarinat vain paranivat kertoessa ja samalla syntyi idea juttujen laittamisesta nettiin. Lomalta palatessa idea jalostui edelleen, "kuvataanpa tähän vähän studio-osuutta", näin tehtiin ja Micronin/Dicen kanssa tehdyt jutut viskattiin myös ineen. Ja kun Assemblykin kerran lähestyi sopivasti, niin "helkkari, teenpä tästä myös trailerin wildkompoon." Tavoite oli saada traileri näkyviin valkokankaalle ja kiesus, niinhän se myös näytettiin. Täydellinen onnistuminen siis. Trailerin leikkaukset ovat vähän äkkinäisiä paikoitellen, mutta itse dokkari on tässä suhteessa pehmeämpi - sitä kun ei tarvinnut ahtaa alle viiteen minuuttiin. Sen sijaan äänentason vaihtelut ovat itse elokuvassa traileria suuremmat, traileriin kun viitsin hieman säätääkin volyymeja hieman tasaisemmaksi.

Leffasta saattaa tulla vielä jonkin sortin päivitetty painos, jossa on ehkä jokunen kuva lisää ja juttuja selventäviä tekstejä. Tällä hetkellä se on enemmänkin jonkinlaiselle sisäpiirille, paikallisen scenen ja suomiscenen vanhemmille parroille aukeava. Asioita ei ole välttämättä hirveämmin selvitelty. Katsotaan jos tämä vähän korjautuisi.

Elokuva julkaistiin Assembly 2005 copy & crack partyn aikaan. Uppaajille 200% creditz.


Grendel - kertoja
Micron - haastateltava
Dice - haastateltava


Grendel - kuvaus ja editointi
Cosmo - kuvaus
T.o.B - musiikki
Nico - grafiikka

Katso elokuva Youtubesta, klikkaile tästä.
Lataapa leffa tästä näin napsuttelemalla.

Downloudaa teaser-video, VCD MPEG, 15 Mt, pituus 1:28.
Downloudaa Assembly 2005 -traileri, VCD MPEG, 49 Mt, pituus 4:48.
Downloudaa elokuva - lowres VCD MPEG, 409 Mt, pituus 40:04.
Downloudaa elokuva - highres WMV, 401 Mt, pituus 40:04.

Byterapers 20 years birthday party movie


Here we have the Byterapers 20 years birthday party dvd, with all kinds of fun stuff. The official DVD includes the partyvideo from (B) 20 years birthday party and all kinds of photographic snippets into the group history. It is mainly a party dvd, so there aren't clips from our demos or such. But that kind of release might be coming one day or another.

Track listing:

  1. Byterapers 20 years birthday party video
  2. 20 years party slideshow
  3. Confessions in the night - ancient The Party bustrips remembered
  4. 18,5 years party slideshow
  5. Ancient (B) and demoscene photos
  6. Bonus track: LameriBoozembly'99
Enjoy the dvd. It contains much nice stuff. And a lot of nice photos from Byterapers 18,5 and 20 years birthday parties, as well as some pretty fantastic shots from old time Finnish demoparties. And much, much more.

Grendel - shooting and editing


T.o.B / Byterapers
Randor / Byterapers
Jugi / Byterapers
Nico / Byterapers
Enema / Byterapers
Heatbeat / Byterapers

if anyone wonders, all Jugi's and Heatbeat's songs are from the time they were at (B)

This dvd was released roughly one month after the birthday party, at the Stream Megaparty on 16.09.2006 at Ylöjärvi, Finland.

It does NOT include the hit video "Viimeinen lähtölaskenta", which will be separately available from all the finest music stores.

Download the dvd:

Byterapers 20 years birthday party dvd, ISO dvd image, size 2,2 GB.
Dvd cover as jpeg.
Dvd cover as Nero Cover Designer (.ncd).

Byterapers 25 years birthday party


The Finnish demogroup Byterapers was born somewhere back in time in the 80s... The 8-bit demowarriors had their 25th birthday party on August 2011. What happened there? Well, lots. Some of that lots can be watched at Youtube:

1 hour of party time
The pea soup episode
Jugi plays synths part 1
Jugi plays synths part 2
Jugi plays synths part 3
Tissit mainittu - wild compo entry by Grendel

Coming soon or sometimes

* The video-demo
- The video demo originally shot in 1994 finally edited into worthy form and released to unsuspecting form - no demo you see will ever feel the same again.

See this space l8r for more forthcoming attractions!

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