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Makkaiver is travelling and sees many wonderful things. But then the accident happens - he hits the last Marmushka-siili and decides to retreat from humanity, to spend the rest of his days in peace. Makkaiver's first challenge comes from a deep ravine which he must cross.

Makkaiver finds a good spot where he can live in peace. He begins to build a cottage and being The Makkaiver he only needs few sticks and other nature's supplies to make it.

Hungry. No supplies. What to do? Makkaiver doesn't have any troubles. Remembering what his granpa told him Makkaiver makes a fishing rod. Fish. But what is that? An animal comes? FOOD! No food however alive it might be can escape Makkaiver's hunting skills. So it finds a new home in his stomach.

BUT. Looks like it wasn't a wild animal. No, it was a hunter's dog. Trained, valuable animal.
And the hunter comes looking for it...

"Have you seen my hunting dog"?
And Makkaiver gets an arrow to his leg, which ends in a mortal struggle - and Makkaiver suddenly sees he has killed again - and loses his mind.

After a long period of insanity Makkaiver is saved. But not without cost.
His hands are blooded - again. The balance of his mind is increasingly uneven. Suddenly his old friend Pete Thorton arrives, wakes Makkaiver from his sleep and tells he has been missing now almost half a year. Makkaiver brings his old friend to the camp, offers dinner and company and they both enjoy their time - until an intruder comes to the camp. Yet again, Makkaiver goes mental.

Makkaiver is alone - again.
Rest. Peace.
"My granpa had told me, when he was 17 years in the air force, he had put different things together...." And so Makkaiver used his granpa's teachings and built himself a tv set. Now, he can finally enjoy high quality entertainment.

But the evil lurks always behind the corner. TV inspector! Makkaiver has hardly turned the set on when inspector comes!
"Have you paid the license for that?"
Makkaiver goes mental. And kills again.

But this time his insanity is permanent.

Makkaiver goes nuts, runs, hides, has lost the last bit of his personality...

But is that a Marmushka-siili coming back for revenge?

This plot outline is very rough. Most twists and 99% of all the details are
not told. Naturally you also miss all the dialogue. So, don't wait, get the full movie as soon as you can!