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What is this Byterapers thing anyway?

It's a way of life.

It's a religion.

It's being together and partying.

It's something, that you just don't 'get into' instantly. You join the body, you slowly merge into it and become one. You become a Byteraper, Byterapers comes into you.

A wonderful merger, a process taking even years to complete, becoming a Byteraper joins you with other happy fellows doing stupid things together, and sometimes even using computers for demostuff.

We are!

Byterapers is an demogroup, a piece of the wonderful virtual experience called scene or demoscene.

The group was founded originally in Finland 1986, and while working both on legal and illegal sides of scene, Byterapers was to become one of the most famous groups on C-64, and started working on Amiga in 1988. Later concentrating completely on Amiga, Byterapers did a good though not magna-qualified career on the 16-bit platform, being anyway 1989-1992 one of those most visible Finnish groups. During 1995 Byterapers entered the PC platform.


Today Byterapers is a still active, though mostly in other areas than democoding. We do things on PC, and before stopping on the C-64 were the no:1 demogroup on C64 from 1994 to 1997.

This site tells you about the history of Byterapers, our members and releases. There's a lot of things related to beer.

These pages are result of awesome amount of work. There's absolutely loads of original material written specially for these pages, as well as stuff copied and prepared from old disk-magazines.

These pages were supposed to open in christmas 1995. It didn't exactly happen, neither christmas 1996. During 1997 it's publishing date was pushed backwards twice, and finally was decided to put this up in 01.04.1997 regardless page's condition. Then we thought better and changed it to 02.04 to avoid any april fool's suspicions. :-)

Design philosophy:

This is is not designed to be high-tech high-bandwith site with amazing Java-applications. Exactly the opposite - Byterapers Website is LYNX-OPTIMIZED!

Have you noticed all those WWW-sites that claim they are optimized for Navigator 4.04 or Explorer 4.90000x83434x or whatever? WHAT those sites actually have that work ONLY on those browsers?

Our site is designed from the ground up to work perfectly on the text based browsers. You won't miss anything using them! Of course excepting the pictures, but they're not the important bit here. Save Internet bandwith!

The Byterapers WWW pages are designed with the content in mind. We don't spend time for unnecessary polishing, but creating high quality and interesting material, and trying to update them more or less regularly. Of course, there is some attempt to get the material look readable and clear, but that's it.

This site is designed to be a information archive, fast and easy to access. A library of interesting tales and information. We don't need fancy graphics for that. Of course, there are the photo-galleries and other bandwith-heavy stuff, but you can easily avoid them if you want so!

We hope you enjoy our attempt in creating original, special website with special interest in offering loads of great reading.

Also we attempt to create a Finnish Scene Museum, which tells the tale of how Finnish demoscene started, developed and what it is now.

Therefore this site should actually be considered as a sketch of things to come. Much is waiting to be done, and we attempt to build a wholly real museum here. What you see is just a beginning.

The site is always under construction, and some things are still unorganized. Some reorganizing and adding of links will be done, and especially a lot of new stuff will appear in near weeks.

Everything is meant to be interactive. By contributing you can make your own opinions, memories and tales shown here. All outsider's views, partyreports and comments that have any weak connection to (B) are very welcome.

Both outsider's views about Byterapers, its members and history, tales of our partyactions and everything. Any comment that has any weak connection with (B) is welcome.

But especially the Finnish Scene Museum needs you. Current material covers only very little of the scenehistory, and is right now pretty old. By contributing you help us covering display Finnish scenehistory.

Regarding the Museum, please take note that these pages are not all-Byterapers oriented, but the Museum accepts all kind of Finnish Scene related material. Offer something and we'll check how it fits into. One plan is to create presentations of all possible Finnish groups ever on any platform. Maybe you can help us?!?

Any kind of material is welcome. Stories, news, partyreports, group histories, craps and anything! Just mail them to Grendel and help us colleting both Byterapers' and Finnish Scene's history!!

You might find a bit more info from the Usenet press release here, or The 2nd Usenet press release.

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