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hitman, tenokko muzza, gamemaster, warlock.

(<-- Check it out - it's kewl! -- Hazi)

Hazi, saatana. While not necessarily not known that much elsewhere, Hazi saatana is a pretty much a legendary Byteraper and amusing source of stupid stories. Why/how? Well, Hazi saatana is both a good storyteller, and he's managed to create accidentally awful many stupido things that have changed into local legends.

Examples of Hazilore:

- Vittu sen Hazin kanssa!
- Hazi knows.
- Hazi on katujen lakiiii!

And so on. If you know more Hazilore, please tell us!

During his wild, good youthful days before this current arthralgia, amnesia and cthulhuness, he also pulled a number of wonderful practical jokes and pranks to loadsa of people.

Check these from Misc-section.

Theorically Hazi is the Webmaster of these pages, though he doesn't have a webbable computer that could be used for editing. The first pages were therefore changed into HTML on a A500 with CED asciieditor. Joy!

Also theorically Hazi is a musician, though his musics have never been used anywhere, and quite probably have never wandered much out of his diskbox or close Byters. And yep, the musical style is not mainstream.

Hazi's discography

2nd place in graphics competition in CompuCamp'94
? place with co-tune with Enema in music competition in CompuCamp'94
Not qualified with "Das Boot" in graphics competition in Assembly'95 (- It was a joke anyway... -Hazi)

E-Mail: hazi@fury.kolhoosi.ratol.fi

(<-- Check it out - it's kewl! -- Hazi)