RELEASES ON C-64 1990-1997

Demos are demoed in following format:


Release date
Length: Demo lenght in blocks or disks. Mentioned if multi/trackloader.
Code: Whodunit, person or subgroup.
Graphics: Whodunit.
Music: Whodunit or Hazi only knows.
Scrolls: Some or the crazies let to KB

Plus MISC information, FTP-links and the parts information.

Most pictures are thumbprints, and can be enlarged by clicking on it. For space saving purposes the black borders / part of screen itself have been cut away.

You can copy the files by clicking or shift-clicking on offered link(s) or going directly into the FTP-sites at: - official Byterapers site, best. -, has lost much material. - Dutch site, everything GZIPped. Inc./ -, good selection, executables.

If you have problems, need more information or need utilities for using these C-64 programs please see C-64 Info, help & utilities.

Ok, on with the show:

Demos & intros from 1991 - 1993
Monster My Nightmare - 1991
Gathering'91 Invitation Intro - 1991
Assembly 92 Invitation Intro - 1992
Intro 92 - 1992

Demos & intros 1994
World of Code
Wired Arts
World of Code 2
World of Code 3

Demos & intros 1995

Demos & intros 1996
Follow the Sign 3: Unsound Minds