old megastars from finnish scene

Yip of Pure-Byte

Pure-Byte was the first GREAT Finnish group that was famous and well known everywhere on demoscene. Their golden times were in 1987, and the group released many excellent demos that were fancied still years later.

How Yip was talked about in 1997:
>>I remember him of course (forgot to comment that last time). He made some pretty sick but kewl pieces of music. The one in "5th dream" (?) is one of them, and I also have a few examples for his editor!


Agreed! I would characterize Yip as being pre-Tim Follin, as his music was much in the same style as Follin's could be, doped and dazed... his instruments were absolutely unique compared to the period - a period where Hubbard and others used very noisy instruments, Yip's sound was very pure and clean - if you compare it somewhat to the sound of the 80's synth-sound you have a pretty good picture of it.

I would have given my 1001 cartridge to have met Yip...


We've been around! Actually Rowdy met the guy, and promised that he was still walking after a full bottle of vodka (Danish Gold party, in the scout hut, which turned into the scout ex-hut, I believe!)