Humourous Finnish scene music collection
(elikkä koko kasa laulumodeja ja huonoutta)

This page is a the result of a long, long search.
It began so innocently. I just listened to old cassette tape where I had recorded old MODs, S3Ms, whatever. Those just weren't your typical songs, they were songs with lyrics. With pretty mad lyrics. The tape was always a party crasher and chick's terror in parties. Then a sudden thought flashed by. Find the old modules? Put them online. Let others enjoy (or hate?) them also. Create a "Grendel's party cd" sampling the original mods to WAVs instead the rusty old tape. After a long search, here we go!

These songs are composed and sung by various Finnish scene artists. Their common features are that they all are a bit like a traditional music, with lyrics, and the content is very humorous, sometimes completely hilarious. All lyrics are in Finnish.

The songs can be played in various trackers or mod players.
Your easiest solution is to use WinAmp though. Free software, available from or faster from MBnet. You may also need a oldskool plugin to listen those old, old .MOD-songs.

Collection is put together by Grendel. All material included is selected by my own preferences alone. You can freely suggest material but if I don't link it or agree about it, sorry no win. But I'm sure there is many more worthy songs, somewhere.

This collection has been put together with kind help by following people:
Henrik Koskinen - Chavez / Funktion - Lemming / Orange - Sivu / Byterapers, Inc.

All songs also directly accessable at

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  Swallow aka Janne Laitinen

Swallow is the king. All bow the king.
Swallow's row of "hit music" is unequalled. These songs are pure anarchy and joy and will send you reeling filled with laughter.

10 miljoonaa hittibiisi
Jos mä voittaisin kymppimillin...
Alapään ongelmat
Bosnian sota remix
Curse of women hittibiisi
Minä olen nainut niin monta naista etten pysy laskuissa...
Dinner and Jorma
Energy of sperm remix
Miikka se tykkää pojasta - ja poika Miikasta!
Mina tunnen Raimon
Mulla on krapula
Mysterious mr. Heikki
Sanovat että... hittibiisi
Meiltä neekereiltähän tämä käy.
Systemoitu on

  Chanel 5 / Orange + Beathawk

Chanel 5 is the crownprince of this music genre.

Rakkautta vain hittibiisi
Composed by SineWave/HiRMU/nis 1995. Abduction'95 music competition.
Beautiful. Really. True lovesong. Kovin kauan siitä on kun viimeksi kohdattiin...
Doctor Destiny
Assembly'95. Disqualified.
Ei sätkiä sälleille
Ein communist svin hittibiisi
Not even trying to translate this: se suorastaan kuuluisa Ein Communist Svin joka diskattiin Abdu'95:llä Rovaniemeläisten konservatiivikeskustajunttien toimesta :). Voitti kuitenkin 10 disketin lohdutuspalkinnon parhaasta asenteesta ;) soitettiin lujaa sillo joskus.
Huudan (et sä kuule)
Won Abduction96 music competition. Released as "Bugi / HiRMU".
Mitä tekee mieli

Beathawk has done couple very nice songs too.

Noniin mitäs sitten

  T.o.B & Byterapers, Inc.

T.o.B / Byterapers, Inc. has composed couple rather classic tunes that fit nicely to this collection.

SFPoppis hittibiisi
Released in Juhla 2.5 music competition, 1st place.
Keltä herpeksen sain?
Not qualified at Assembly '93 music compo.
try2go2alko 2
Soundtrack of "Meteli 5 - Kepu Speshiaali" demo (ahem). More beer!

Other Byterapers members tinkered with trackers too.

By Nico/(B). Short and the message is clear:
Under the red flag I can be happy.
Valitus hittibiisi
Ei aina voi voittaa... Kepua & makkaraa style 1995.
Vammailua #1
Vammailua #2
Vammailua #3
Composed (?) by Hazard/(B) & Deadbeat/The Sharks 1994.
Vammailua 1 participated in Compucam'94 music competition and caused a riot.

  Various artists

Jessus hittibiisi
Composed by some Accession guy 1991. Released in Gathering'91 party. Classic! Caused many mental breakdowns. Jeesus.
Mina omistan! hittibiisi
Composed by Groo/CNCD 1994. From CNCD demo by same name. Awesome!
Minä omistan punaisen kirjoituspöydän!
Muumilaakson mölinät
Composed by P.H.
Ti-ti Nalle remix
Composed by Proffa/MST 1992.
Leimeri hittibiisi
Composed by SIn/Nv/AvM. Demolition-party xyz.
Beautiful! Osaan tehdä plasmaefektin, oon samanlainen kuin jmagickin.
Biolan remix
Composer unknown.
Syö leipää
Composed by Yzi/Fit, 8th June 1995, Abduction'95 music competition.
Syö leipää, muuten et jaksa takaisin. Rovanniemeltä?

  Lost in action - wanted

There are some songs I had in the mentioned tape, but haven't yet found their original mods/S3Ms or whatever anywhere.
They are here in MP3 format temporarily. If you can find these songs somewhere please send them or tell where I can get them.

Tango Sisters
Composed by Chromag of Polka.
Maatalouslaulu hittibiisi
Composed by Enemy and Seadog.
True songs about living in a farm.
Lehmä se puhuikin selvää suomee.
Monta sormee? hittibiisi
Composed by Enemy and Seadog.
Damn them aliens.
Liikaa sormia onpi mulla kädessä, taisi käydä olio, avaruusolio.
Composed by Heatbeat.

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