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HiRMU demoscene mod ringtone collection

Would you like a new ringtone for your phone? You are in luck!
Here you can find the finest demoscene related ringtones for your phone, ever.

A bit of foreword. Grendel found a strange zip file from his PC in 2022. The file had been saved to the computer in 2007. It was a preview of some project for his eyes but... Preview of what? There was whole bunch of demoscene musics in MP3 format, all of them 30 seconds long. What the heck? And who did it? Who sent it? Grendel posted to Facebook an inquiry and after leads from Jope and Micron we indeed found the guilty person. It was by Erik Lyden aka. Daweirdohiphopad00d/HiRMU aka Carebear / Orange - who had completely forgotten this project. It was indeed a demoscene ringtone collection - and the Final version had been lost. Oh damn.

Jump forward one year. Grendel noticed the one year old Facebook message somehow and poked Carebear - "have you found it yet?" And oh wow, Jope had just one week previously transferred whole lot of old Nokia phones related stuff and all the remaining ringtones were there! The collection was complete! Final! The HiRMU demoscene mod ringtone collection is available at Byterapers' FTP site, both in invidual MP3/WAV files and as a ZIP with all the songs.

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Featured musicians like Randor / Byterapers, Audiomonster, Turtle / Byterapers, Jugi, Bruno, Heatbeat, Purple Motion, MOby, Captain, Laxity, T.o.B / Byterapers, Yolk, Jogeir Liljedahl, Dean, Carebear, Strobo, Jeroen Tel and so many more.

Carebear's foreword - 2023


Years, years ago I edited several of the most wicked and legendary Amiga mods to 30 second "mobile phone edits" and modified them to fit mobile phone speakers of that time a little better...

Result was dozens of mobile ringtones of our favourite legendary 90's Amiga mods.

The packs were released thru HiRMU and since disappeared... until Jope and Grendel-B brought them up in Facebook and I dug some up... and Jope dug the rest.


And read readme.txt too :)

Erik Lyden aka. Daweirdohiphopad00d/HiRMU aka Carebear / Orange

Carebear's foreword - 2005


On a sunny 2005 spring Saturday, I wanted a new ringtone for my brand new cellphone - and then I got this idea to make a ringtone out of some old demo module I used to love in the 90's. But I couldn't decide which one I should make a ringtone out of..

Result: Several hours later, I had 127 appr. 30 second long wav files EQ'd and mastered to sound nice on a typical mobile phone capable of playing WAV/MP3/AMR ringtones. Sounds like something worth release to the scene. A good bunch of these mods was originally ripped by myself, and they have lived from floppies to my Amiga HD and later on to my PC. Because in most cases, a ringing tone will not play for more than 30 seconds, I edited all the tunes to appr. 30 seconds each, by hand. In this 30 secs, I naturally tried to retain every tune's main theme and the 'best parts'. You might disagree on the edit, but then you're free to edit your own ringtone.. :)

These tunes have been freely available in the Internet for years, in some cases as long as 15 years. Despite that these are ready-to-use ringtones, they are FREE. And speaking on behalf of the authors, they will remain as such. If you include these tunes in any paid ringtone service of yours, you're surely heading for trouble. Be warned.

If you have any comments, wishes or just want to have a chat (or flame me for editing your tune badly ;D), mail me at el@eriklyden.com or msg me - superhoe @ IRCNet.

Greetings to HiRMU, Byterapers, all the authors of the original music and HiRMU. And massive thanks to Aleksi Eeben (Heatbeat/CNCD) for essential tips on mastering the tunes for the mobile.

My aim here was to bring new life for some of the great classics, and i mean Classics. Most tunes are from the very best and classic demos of 1990-1995, and all are 4 channels. These marvellous tunes from the very beginning of true computer-generated and sampled music have acted as an source of inspiration for my personal creativity over and over again, so let this be my kind of tribute for them.


Da weirdo hiphopadood with sunglasses and a pipo / HiRMU eg. Carebear/Orange

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