Friendly links

This page is not meant as a wholly complete and total link collection, but a useful and Bytelike place where you can visit places we think are cool.

Very useful scenelinks

In Medias Res - THE site for scene history!
The Amiga/PC Scene E-Mail directory
Information Override's Homepage - Includes Demo Scene News
Demo Reviews Web Page - ESTEEM's reviews of PC demos
The New Demoscene Page - demoscene group list
European DemoScene Server
The PC Compo Results Page
PC Demos FAQ
RAW E-Mail Database - Great PC demo/music/etc website, with useful other resources. Added 28.08.1988

C-64 related

The C-64 Scene E-Mail directory
Webnav C64 Site - C-64 demos from parties/groups, emulators, software, links and everything!
MJK's Commodore 64 & LCD Page - C64 sceners addylist etc
Hall Of Fame - C-64 Scene history site
Strobe's C-64 stuff - Utilities, links. Added 15.03.1999
Commodore Wire - C64 news, emulators, games and cheats!. Added 15.03.1999
Gamebase64 - frontend for C-64 emulators. Added 15.03.1999

Scene related magazines

Hugi magazine - PC scene online and diskmag. Added 15.03.1999
Expose Online Magazine - Amiga related magazine
Scene Central - Great magazine and info central for Acorn/ST/Amiga/C-64/PC scene
Driven - covering the C64 demo scene and more...
Propaganda - another excellent C-64 magazine
Shout - another C-64 magazine
The Pulse - C64
Relax Online- excellent C64 magazine
Zine 64
CBM 64 scene related disk magazines

Otherwise interesting scenelinks

The Party V photographic report - how fun DID we really have there?
Illegal - the wonderful C-64 scene pirate magazine.
Illegal - Fairlight's archive of Illegals


Alpha Flight homepage
ACF - Atari ST demogroup
Rage - Amiga
Triad - C64
Bonzai C-64/PC:
Censor C-64
Dual Crew Shining C64 Division home
Flash Inc. C64 - excellent interviews and other C64 related materials
Official The Force group site C-64
Padua - lots of good stuff here and excellent links
Success & The Ruling Company
Triangle 3252
Damage - Amiga/C-64 group, site has partyreports and pics. Added 28.08.1998

Other resources and link centers

Nightsky WWW Pages - demoscene links
Demoscene Pages - Demoscene links to groups, parties & persons
Hornet - PC demos explained
The Digital Dungeon - excellent C64 archive
Commodore FTP Search - find C64 files. Updated 09.12.1998.
Historical & famous c64 intros Added 09.12.1998
Dreams2 CD-ROM - excellent PC demo/into/gfx/music collection. Five stars! Added 02.12.1998
Doose Charts - vote PC groups, demos, coders etc. Vote US! ;-) Added 10.12.1998

CCS64 - best C64 emulator for PC. Added 02/1998. VICE emulator - another great C-64 emulator for PC DOS, Windows, Linux. Added 02/1998.

Idolimittari! Äänestä oma idolisi kartalle! Äänestä Byteraperseja!

Parties and such

The Party
The Gathering
Assembly'97 picture gallery

Few friends & totally unrelated

Axeman of Beyond Force - check the cool BF demo screenshots here!
Jugi of Complex
Exotic Men muistelee
The Sharks C-64
Computer Club DAMONES Added 02.12.1998.

Game of Satan - Satanists, roleplayers, fags and christ all in one package added 27.03.1998

Dreams2 CD-ROM - demoscene tighly packed