Mr. Sex

Pielavesi, near Iisalmi, nowadays Tampere.
Member since 1990 June.
Coder, so called 'graphician' and the offial puker.
Byterapers specialism: expert puker

Mr.Sex. The horny man, even once voted by women as the most handsome of the whole table of Byterapers. Singlehandidly responsible of the secong coming of ByteAge. A famous boozer and even more famous puker.

Mr.Sex is very peculiar person, whose fan's must be so delighted knowing his puking skills are even better trained than his coding ones. Aren't you happy we bring you these small details of our member's secret self?

Mr.Sex has stayed loyally in the C-64 platform, and honed his coding skills during the years to a absolutely amazing limit. It was just as surprising when Mr.Sex actually finished his first famed demo, World Of Code. He had kept it in very good secret, and mostly we learned of it in the verge of release. The years before had been passed by waiting... waiting... He was originally supposed to release his major C-64 demo at the Byterapers 1990 -party, but oh well, just four years delay, no trouble, that was nothing. Meanwhile he did a small 'yeah, we are here' style intro in 1992, and when Grendel dug up those Monster's old codebits from 1988 it was just this irresistable urge to put them finally together, resulting in that hilarious demo Monster My Nightmare. Rest of that time went on nicely boozing.

Oh yeah, did we tell you about the puke?

Don't you think it's a honour when world's best C-64 coder pukes on your computer in a party? And passes out in your stand?

Mr.Sex's puking abilities are so respected, that in (B) internal memberlist his responsibilites/abilities include 'laatta' (puke, in english). Give him booze. Have a Bytemeeting. Mr.Sex, 'Seksi', is the first and last one to puke. He goes on around, pukes on trashbags, lampmasts, doors of restaurants, dance floors and everything. And oh yeah, loses his eyesight when drunk and managed sometimes to find himself next to some pretty much ugly woman in next morning.

Just as much as Seksi is great democoder, he is great fellow and we wouldn't sell him into the harem of some horny arabian royalness for any price.

Many C-64 sceners were very disappointed to hear Mr.Sex bought a PC, and has started learning its coding secrets. So far their fears are unfounded, as Mr.Sex continues building eye shattering effects and continues building new C-64 demos as long as the challenge and sense-of-wonder is there. Though, the challenge has not existed in years. Mr.Sex has singlehandidly ruled the best demo of the year and best coder of the year -charts since 1994. And one point to C-64 sceners: (B) was already in PC before Mr.Sex bought one - it didn't mean that all C-64 activity would cease at once.

He has also pulled some pretty good stunts during his career. Actually Seksi drew some good graphics at one point of this career, but he's also achieved third place in Assembly C-64 graphics competition under wrong name.

Mr.Sex and the famous PC-programmer Jmagic/Complex naturally know each other well, and often in summer both meet in (B) drinking weekends. It's pretty fun sight when both are enough drunk they start pestering each other about democoding. Especially since all other Byterapers hint Jmagic all the time that he should ask Mr.Sex for a couple of good coding hints.

Today Mr.Sex does what he has always done. Studying, boozing, coding and puking.

Mr.Sex's news from 1992:

Mr.Sex: STILL coding his 64-game. Should sell it to Paradox?
Has made it all again after last autumm. Almost managed to do a release-version of his game for party, but no....
Tekee sikana pelin graffoja...
Uutta tietoa: On koodannu kaikki kuvaruutu rutiinit uudelleen (moineskohan kerta?!?!?) joka onkin parantunut huomattavasti.
Koodaa talla hetkella editoria jolla voi tehda taustat yms. nopeesti.

Mr.Sex's discography:


Monster My Nightmare -demo, 1991
Intro'92, 1992
World Of Code -demo, 1994
World Of Code II -demo, 1994, 2nd place on Assembly'94
World Of Code III -demo, 1994, 1st place on Tribute'94
Extremes -demo, 1995, 1st place at Assembly'95
Follow The Sign III -demo, 1996, 1st place at Assembly'96
Detour -game, non-released, 1991


Graphics in Vectorballs-demo


Pandemic -demo, 1997, code, 1st place in Abduction'97
Ya'dot Klimon -demo, 1997, code, not placed in The Party 7
Hyperventilation -demo, 1998, code, 2nd place in Remedy'98.
Sexadelic -demo, 1998, code, 4th place in Assembly'98 .