Member since 1995
Hitman, Kiljudoctor/(B) Distilling Facility -operator, movie master

Reznor, better known as Ressu or Rezzu, is the (B) booze factory operator, who doesn't have anything to do with computers. His skills in boozing were so good, that since many Byters usually hanged around his place anyway, Reznor was taken into the happy crew as a partymember. His boozefactory has since supplied uncounted liters of self-made booze for our meetings. A total computer illiterate, Reznor loses track of discussion immediately when someone mentiones computers.

Own description:

So I dont have a computer and I dont know anything about them. The question is, WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING IN THIS GROUP? I dont know, mazbe its because I know how to get shitfaced and fast. I dont even like these Goddamn things, but what the fuck as long as the others dont talk about em its cool. The others have probably written something about them selves , and if you bother to read(OR IF YOU CAN!) heres something about me: I dont care what people think of me, I dress in black (mostly), some say that Im a pessimist (The reason why is most likely because I dont trust no one, and because I dont see anything good in nothing exept in these following things, I like to read (Horror), I like movies (Horror), I like aggressive music (NIN, MARILYN MANSON, FEAR FACTORY ETC), I like drinking, and I just love women. Thats it, now FUCK OFF!!