Member since 1990

The smallest and youngest of the three Miettinen brothers, all (B) members, Nico is neverthless a man you don't want to be against. He is very talented graphician, whose full potential is still unreached - but there's slight problem in his careerpath. Equipment. It's a bit hard to draw using a TV set. His monitor crashed and Nico has been forced to use TV since, which mostly prevents all creative drawing. Sad fate. We wish he'll one day get something nice to glare at.

16 colours & 4 channels 4EVER!
Nico: The Last Amiga Warrior

Nico's discography


11th place on Motorola Inside'98 Graphics competition, "Virtual 16", 1998.
13th place on Assembly'2k Oldskool Graphics competition, "When Sky Is Blue", 2000.

C-64 - graphics in:

World of Code 3, 1995


11/15th place on Assembly 2000 Oldskool demo, "Supremån slideshow", 2000