Member since 1995 or 1996.
Design, juoppohullu.

Mysdee is newer generation Byterapers, but it feels he's been with us forever. Mysti is actually very long time friend of (B), spending lots of time with us and taking part in our meetings, and was finally subjected into our happy ranks by merciless bombing and propaganda.

He has been a lot of help in making our 2nd gen. C-64 demos, always going to Mr.Sex to finish the demos together.

Also a great fellow, Mysdee always managed to drink himself under the table, chairs and mattresses. He is also the highest ranking drinker in Oulu-university, in their boozeclubs.

Mysdee's stunts are pretty much legendary. Imagine the sight when Hazard returned to Mysdees from a drinking trip, and Mysdee is right on pissing into the fridge. One other time Mysdee had wandered to home at night, and fell into his guitar, losing piece of ear - which the cat ate. He lost consciousness, and lied down in a pool of puke and blood until his roommate dragged him into toilet and washed a bit. Mysdee remembered nothing. Again one other time Mysdee had been drinking somewhere and in morning wondered how he'd got home... Well, the shoes had no more soles. Walked a few too many kilometers. :-)

And more sorry stories about dear Mysti... I believe it was a New Years Eve and Mysdee was out boozing as usual. He got shitfaced, and his friends had to carry him home. One took his hands and the other took his legs. Well, they too were drunk. They were walking towards home when the guy carrying Mysdee's hands lost his grip and Mysdee's hit the earth. They had been carrying him face down to prevent him from choking on his own puke so he hit the ground head first, broke his eye-corner (didn't know about any of this, ofcoz'... - marmorilattiacollision) and they had to take him to the hospital, from where he woke up the next morning wondering why his nose hurt so much...

A worthy and absolutely irreparable Byteraper, Mysdee won't be sold to Italian babyfaces or any other freak of nature.

We will rent him to beautiful women, if they ask nicely.

Mysdee's discography:

Design in following demos:

World of Code II, C-64, 1994
World of Code III, C-64, 1994
Extremes, C-64, 1995
Follow The Sign III, C-64, 1996
Pandemic, PC, 1997