Mike is our inhouse C-64 graphician, whose graphical talents have filled the visuals in our latest C-64 demos. His talent in creating awesome graphics on that 8-bit platform are quite unsurpassed.

Mike is also known as the man who "stays there till the end." He visits someone, goes somewhere, he is there 'till the end, until all activity, breathing and batteries are gone.

Mike's discography:

Picture By Mike Here Competition entries:

1st place in Assembly'95 C-64 graphics competition with "Dragon"
2nd place in Assembly'96 C-64 graphics competition with "Entwined"
1st place in Assembly'98 C-64 graphics competition with "Alley"

C-64 - graphics in:

World of Code 2 ????, 1994.
World of Code 3, 1994.
Extremes, 1995.
Follow the Sign III, 1996.

PC -graphics in:

Pandemic demo, 1997, 1st place in Abduction'97 PC-democompo

Ya'dot Klimon demo, graphics & 3D Scenes, 1997, not placed in The Party 7

Hyperventilation, 1998, graphics, 2nd place in Remedy'98.

E-Mail: mike_byterapers@hotmail.com