Member since 1995.
Hitman, partyarranger.

Micron is the "small" man of Byterapers. Being a bit on the heavy side, he usually threatens to sit on people if they're bad. His place is often the location of numerous wild parties.

He's also a partyarranger, the mind behind all those hillo Juhla -parties, hereby making himself a very important person for Finska scenenska.

We can pretty much give points to Micron for getting the first (B) PC demo Drill Me, Please Me. He whipped Byters in Abduction'96 party around the clock, and really forced them to code and code and code. Of course, everybody disliked him for ages coz that, but the demo got made.

Micron's discography:

Design in following demos:

Drill Me, Please Me, 1996
Pandemic, 1997
Ya'dot Klimon, 1997

E-Mail: mhyvonen@ratol.fi