Lanttu phone home - real classic pic here! Lanttu

Member since 1987.
Coder, hw-huru-ukko, hitman, mascot.
Byterapers specialism: total drinker

Lanttu's career started already far back in time, when he closely followed the early Byterapers career. He wasn't exactly a member, since his computer equipment consisted of top-of-the-line Spectrum 48K and Triumph Alphatronic, but since he was a fit fellow anyway he crawled around in form of a mascot. Finally around 1994 he managed to buy an Amiga, and started immediately coding on a real computer and actually learned stuff very quickly. Unfortunately there was always those couple compability problems in getting his stuff working on AGA machines, and finally more time was spent tracking screenmode bugs than developing. That kinda killed the interest. Or not really killed, but slowed him down and then the focken Finnish army came and kidnapped him.

After returning from army Lanttu based himself fittingly into PC platform and has been learning PC coding secrets since. Though, the results and pace varied kinda a huge bitbat. Right now Lanttu is more working on game projects than demos but heck that's no forever oh my not forever.

Lanttu is small sized fella, with terribly active imagination and unhealthy interest in the workings of world. Give him interesting looking mechanical toy and it's disassembled in few moments, Lanttu jumping in joy joy happy happy "look how funny gears." His ability to repair broken stuff is marvellous, from kitchen sinks to videos.

Lanttu - pic taken in Grendel's place in 1987 Lanttu says it all by himself:

- - - -

Me say somenthing about I:

- I know what things does but i don't know names.
- My way to think logical is slow and thorough but still weird.
- SUPER absent-minded.
- If I don't know, I'll find the answer.(And if i know, i don't probably like it)
- If i decide to do something, I CAN'T give up.(ie. Amiga hd-adapter. 3 days and nights without sleeping, 5 versions of it (and it didn't work because hd was broken and then I burned the adapter and my two fingers.)

Someday somewhere:

Lanttu drinking Somebody: It's three o'clock. Maybe we should go.
Me: What?
Somebody: I said it's three o'clock. We should go now.
Me: Yeah, Wait a second...
Me: What time it is.
Somebody: THREE O'CLOCK!
Me: Really, Maybe we should go. Do you have the disk?
Somebody: YOU'VE GOT IT!
Me: Oh, Where is it. HEY YOU, have you seen king of blue disk.

Lanttu - this one's taken about 1997 I like:

Good ideas
Doing things
Pita-breads with mincedmeat+pea+corn+paprika
Nice inventions (ie. Fire, Wheel and electricity)
Weird colors and pictures
Intelligent inventors

- - - -

I hate:

Bad ideas
Bold And The Beatiful
Bad Inventions(ie. Electronic Breadknife)
Thinking breaks.
"I know everything" kind of peoples

Some history:

Spectrum16K: My First computer. Yeah, my dreams comes true. Homemade 32k HUGE memoryexpansion.
Coding with BASIC and my first steps to Machinelanguage (Z80); (Hungry Horace Goes Skiing was GRRREAT)
Coding with Amstrad CPC.
Coding C and 8088 machinelanguage with Amstrad PC.
Triumph Alphatronics Adler PC: (not real pc eq. Z80)
Spectravideo (Z80)
Spectravideo MSX
C64 and cazettesystem. Coding 6502.
Diskdrive to C64. YEAH!
Amiga 500. Coding 68000. (Intel Take a shot!). My first 3d-hurlingwhirlingpompin'around thing.
In school of Ylasavon ammattioppilaitos i started again code with 8088 serier processors.
386/40DX. Coding with pmode. 3d-hurlingwhirlingpompin'around things and some other crab.
486/66 more codecrab.
p133. Learnig Again C coding and rebuilding my asmthings -> C

Lanttu's discography:

1st place in Amiga demo competition in CompuCamp'94.
1st place in PC demo competition in Abduction'96 - Drill Me, Please Me.
1st place in PC demo competition in Abduction'97 - Pandemic.
6th place in Graphics competition in Abduction'96