Kraku Helsinki.
Member since 1996.

The saving Slice in Abduction'96, Kraku became instant angel and so much loved person. His bits of code changed our first PC demo, Drill Me, Please Me, from 'oooo wellllll' one to a very good one.

He shares his time between various groups, so Kraku is both a baaaad traitor crapman and our beautiful drunkdriver. He's relatively inexperienced in drinking'n'boozing, which naturally are very important features in every Byteraper's essence. We taught him, tho. In his very first (B) meeting Kraku was teetering very nicely, had fine hangover and drove around heavily boozed like he'd done that forever already. Goody goody.

A familiar sight in parties is Krakulike dude walking around with an horribly expensive looking camera and taking pictures. In Assembly'96 there was this absolutely beautiful idea of making scene-calender, picture of a lovely scenehunk in minimal clothes for every month, telling about themselves. It hasn't appeared yet, tho. :-(

And Kraku tries to speak languages:
"Mai neim is Kraku. Ai äm from Finlandia och mai inglis is veri kuud. Ai kän tiits juu sam inklis if juu voont. Juu tsäst mast fallou mai tirektions keerfulli och du vill lära så bra engelska att din morfar vill dö.

I'm a newbie in (B) and I've coded some shitty fx only when (B) has made me to and blahblah.. cut the crap! This is (B) page and why the hell am I just talking about my self since (B) is a legend in demoscene. (B) is not just some one guy (like me) but (B) is a family so I wont tell you anymore about me.. just move along at this page and learn about the great legend that changed the world..."

Kraku's discography:


Drill Me, Please Me -demo, 1996