GURDAN Picture of Gurdan

originally from Seinäjoki
Member since 1997.

Personalizationiztic informatizionen:

handle: gurdan
real name: Jari Kylmälä
born: 20.06.73
size: 182cm, 73kg
location: Hervanta, Tampere, Finland. I live in The Mighty Mikontalo as almost every (B)-member in Tampere does. I'm studying(although KELA doesn't agree that i'm actually studying :) in Tampere University of Technology.
likes: computers, ale beers, boozing, partying, chess
hates: bugs

hardware history:

1984 C-64
1987? C-128*
1989 Amiga500*
1992 PC*

* I still got

software history:

I guess I wrote my first BASIC-program on the same night I got my first C-64. I still have hundreds of little programs on floppies. After few years I studied the 6510-assembly. By then I made my first demo-effects.. smooth scrolling and rastereffects. However, I never made a whole demo or intro, i was just anxious to know how the effects were done. I will never forget the golden era of C-64.
With Amiga I did miscellaneous stuff. I didn't make any serious code but tried also to make some graphics and tunes. Then I realized I should concentrate on coding :).
When I bought a PC I learned the secrets of C(++) and x86-assembly.

scene history:

In 1994 we formed a group called Ctrl-H with my friend. We were quite lazy and didn't release anything except some utilities. On May 1997 Mr.Sex asked me if I'm interested to join Byterapers. I spent the summer partying with other bytes and at the end of the summer I became an official member of (B). I had a pretty good knowledge about (B) because I have been following the scene happenings for a long time. The first signs of (B) were cracks and intros done by the ex-(B)-twins Python and Rockstar. They used to live in Seinäjoki too so their releases spread quite heavily there.

Official discography:


Ya'dot Klimon, code, 1997, not placed in The Party 7
Hyperventilation, 1998, code, 2nd place in Remedy'98.
Sexadelic -demo, 1998, code, 4th place in Assembly'98 .

4th place on Motorola Inside'98 Graphics competition, "Viking", 1998.

IRC: #byterapers, #vermu