Dr. Star

Member since 1988


5. 730130

6. I'm swapping hot on the modem and mail. I'm not good at modem but I'll be when I get some codes. I plan also to build a board late this year (note: old text. since that nothing active, and board did never come)

7. C128, Amiga

8. extra drive, HST modem

9. I have not been in other good groups, only (B) since 88. Before I was in a lame group called MJAU together with Speed-Head and Polo (ex-(B) member).

10. I don't think so...

11. I joined coz I got the offer. Some things could be better. More coders, cracker etc.

12. I joined (B) in 88. It was a good chose. (B) is the only one to me.

13. I hope wein some future get in cracking, maybe I'm hoping too much (note sure you are Johnny!)

Dr. Star is the oldest surviving member of Byterapers outside Finland's borders. He was taken into (B) with Speed-Head, in their substandard group MJAU, but slowly changed into respectable members who did a good job in (B) Sweden. While some Swedish sceners never accepted their existence, Dr. Star found many good new members and helped Byterapers to form a solid reputation, especially by finding CSA.

He did some mail- and modemtrading from 1988 to 1991, and while never a 'productive' member a sure sign of his usefulness was that neither he/Speed-Head/CSA were never kicked out even in the famous purges when reorganizing (B).

Today Dr.Star still exists, works, and learns programming secrets on Visual Basic, C++ and Internet stuffs.

E-Mail: johnny.kalabakas@stockholm.mail.telia.com