Member since 1988.

CSA is a truly star in Byterapers' history. He coded a number of C-64 demos during 1988 and 1989, and had some real hard muscle in his coding brains. The problem was, though, that while CSA had coding talent, there was some lack of imagination and design which led to kinda weirdo combos - like demos with a great part, a good part, a bad part and real crappybah part.

CSA really showed his value when he suddenly bought an Amiga, and in just a few months released his first demo. And actually not informing others at all. This was to become a landmark in all CSA's works - they just did stuff, never caring about others in the group. This led to stupid things like demos and musicdisks being delivered to others about one week AFTER the release-date in the products themselves, creating quite hassle to Finnish spreaders.

Anyway, that was minor problem. In one year CSA produced a number of good and excellent Amiga-demos plus whoppy SIX musicdisks which paved Byterapers' way into the consciousness of Amiga-scene.

CSA is absoluly one of the real stars in Byterapers' history.

Today CSA still exists though is not active and is reading physics and doing C-64/Amiga/PC hardware projects. Right now this great mathematic mind is taking a break from his long, long studies and has been lost in Asia jungles for half a year.

CSA's discography:


Byterapers intro, 1988
Byterapers intro 2, 1988
Byterapers intro 3, 1989
grappo!!!! demo, 1988
deja vu demo, 1988
sinus editor v1.0 utility, 1989
!omed demo, 1988


CSA 1st, 1988
CSA 2nd "Raster demo", 1988
CSA 3rd "Star Wars Scroll", 1989
CSA 4th "MC-Intro", 1989
CSA 5th, 1989
CSA 6th "Sin Twice", 1989
Muzzax 1, 1989
Muzzax 2, 1989
Muzzax 3, 1989
Muzzax 4, 1989
Muzzax 5, 1989
Muzzax 6, 1989

E-Mail: f93-caa@nada.kth.se