This page has small stories grabbed from various sources (magazines, rumors and mainly Grendel's brain). Have fun.

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Misc newspieces through (B) history
Byterapers' internal communication network, extraction from autumm 1991
Declaration and removal of new (B) BBS in 1991

Read about the creation of our 1st PC demo

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Byterapers has been in several federations or cooperations during group's existence.

In following they are documented as well as we can remember.

- Sirius Cybernetics Corporation This was a idealistic and very short living cooperation between young (B) and a Dutch small group The Killer Crew. TKC was actually the very first real group abroad that (B) ever had swapping contact, and therefore Grendel kept very warm relations with them even when (B) kept on getting better - and TKC not.

At one moment in late 1987 a cooperation was suggested, and seeing it as pretty great idea it was promptly done. Name was Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, and maybe it was even said in intro or two. Biggest success of whole cooperation was when its name was written in small font to the (B) flag at Jezebels party dec'87. This coop was therefore short lived, and guess nobody in whole world even remembers it.

- The Jezebels Union 1987-1988

TJU in short, Jezebels Union was VERY idealistic and good meaning big organization which was meant to unite all Finnish groups to work together.

Beautiful in idea, TJU even worked somehow. TJU party in dec'87 was arranged by Finnish Gold, and practically every and each good group in whole country belonged to TJU. TJU released a great megademo (1987 I guess) including a small party from almost every membergroup (excluding (B)). Megademo was big, beautiful and success, but eventually TJU started to split because some groups started to grow "too big and successful" and left TJU. First on to go was Finnish Gold, who promply declared they didn't need TJU for anything. While they already were most famous members in TJU and well known abroad as well, they were very right but their decision splitted they united frontage of Finnish demogroups. Soon X-Men (Amiga) and Stack (C-64), two other big & known membergroups left as well, leaving only Digitize Design Group (C-64) and (B) (C-64) as successful and well known members. This led to TJU's complete splitup.

The Jezebels Union is very important piece of Finnish scenehistory. It is unique demonstration how a young demoscene was once in one country completely united, working together and even helping each other. It gave all those young groups in 1987 a feeling of unity and friendship. This was demonstrated in the coming years since all the big groups knew each other from TJU times, and some original TJU-members are STILL alive in form or another in scene.

Examples are naturally Byterapers, but Digitize Design Group with April7 and Mr. Moonlight exist. Moku of Finnish Gold and Accession fame is nowadays in Assembly Organizing. MIY-87, who was in (B) in those days, is still more or less active and in Complex when last heard of.

- Federation Against Zodux winter-spring 1988

Late 1987 and/or early 1988 a small group named Zodux started to hassle in Finnish scene by making outrageous claims and being rather loudmouthed. Finally this lead to formation of a Federation against them, combining many "more" leading groups to put them down. Zodux-fellas finally felt the pressure, and split up by forming a new group. While this group consisted mainly of ex-Zodux members they had lost their big-mouthness and now knew how to behave. Since that name "Zodux" has been rather funny sounding in old-scenedoods' ears, and has led to for example to joke-group Zodux2, and couple later made Zodux2-demos with certain style :-)

And what Zodux became? After reforming under new name they were known as Beyond Force, and under half a year of actually developing they gained the very right to BE loud mouthed and arrogant. :-) As everyone who knows Beyond Force by reputation knows.

- Byterapers & Team-X

During 1988 Byterapers was very very slowly starting on Amiga. Spring 1988 saw the first Byterapers Amiga demo, which nobody reportedly anymore has (IF YOU HAVE IT, PLEASE SEND!). To support our stepping onto this new platform (B) related to Team-X, a small but quite well known Amiga group on Finnish scene. This cooperation worked by making close relations with our and their Amiga-members, and trying to spread each other's name & fame to other group's main platform.

This worked quite nicely, and with Team-X Byterapers went on to be known rather well on Finnish Amiga-scene. This cooperation actually worked, and is a small but important part on (B)-road to Amiga.

Cooperation with Team-X was finally ended 28.10.1988, when (B) signed coop with X-MEN and Stack.

- Byterapers & X-MEN

X-MEN was the declared king of Finnish Amiga-scene on 1987, continuing their success to 1988. While having stupid name, X-MEN had very good members and especially were utmost cool fellows and very good friends of Byterapers' members. This then led to tying our relations to closest possible.

X-Men were again mated to Stack, another old great group on Amiga (earlier on C-64). Stack was later completely sucked into X-Men. This cooperation was marginally more than just words, with beautiful comments and tales being told about each other. Byterapers kept on telling communist-jokes about X-Men, and even made a X-Men demo on C-64 - their only ever :-)

Cooperation was all friends-stuff, resulted in many drunk nights in copyparties and elsewhere.

Best still remembered joke about the cooperation:
"We ain't suckers, we ain't fuckers, so what are we then?
We are the BYTEXMEN!"

Coop finally suffered a natural death, by slowly withering away when it wasn't anymore needed. Friendship between both groups and invidual members continue warm till this day, and while actual benefits were small, cooperation was a lot of fun.

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While Byterapers has been a 100% legal group for ages, we have our dark secrets too. From the very beginning (B) was a cracking group, and remained as one until the end of our first long term on C-64 - 1986-1989.

In the beginning and before time of (B) Kasper had cracked lots of games just for hobby. He developed techniques, and some of the first (B) cracks brough contact-letters for three years.

Later we tested many potential crackers. It's funny to remember those people who thought themselves crackers, when they were armed with a freezer-cartridge. At some time we managed to make contact with someone called Rockstar, and he passes the tests with flying colours and returned the test-original more-or-less beautifully - but better than anyone else - cracked. Rockstar started to crack more and more, and while occasionally some cracks were made by The Damage Inc., Rock* soon became the most important cracker in (B) and finally handled all of it. And what's the best, our supply of originals was good, and when year 1989 saw the light Rockboy had developed to Top 10 -best crackers.

Admittably (B) was back then more known of cracks than demos, but happily demosection was rather well known as well, and especially reputation of (B) as one hell cool of a group existed.

When Byterapers left the C-64 -scene, NOT saying we're done with, and worked on Amiga, we actually didn't make cracks anymore, but the backdoor was still there. So once we made a groupwide decision to stay completely on legal side. It was easily agreed, as there were persons leaning heavily to piracy, but we've never since strayed from the legal path.

Byterapers' cracking is nowadays quite silenced subject, and we're not especially fond of it. Back then cracking was completely normal and everyone was doing it, so it wasn't anything special. Afterwards, things have made a difference and since many of us work in computer-related industries it DOES matter.

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These newspieces are mostly uncommented, and completely unedited. They are here exactly like when published, maybe giving small scent what scene was like back then, what feelings were around etc. They're actual documents of scenehistory and (B).

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* 1988 * Source: Scandinavian News, date 28.10.1988

Hillo. First I must correct you about the mistake TWS made after quitting in Byterapers. The cooperation between (B) and Team-X was NOT stopped when he quitted (B). It was immediately started again, so in fact the cooperation was never quitted.

Now, 28.10.1988, the cooperation is finally over. Yesterday at 271088 we signed cooperation with X-Men & Stack, and that long coop with Team-X is not needed anymore. Hopefully our new coop with X-MEN & Stack will be long and efficient.

- - - -

Source: Scandinavian News #6, December 1988

A Big copyparty in Stockholm!!!!!!!!!

In Stockholm is going to be arranged a big copyparty next summer. Arrangers are going to be Byterapers Inc., X-MEN and propably also Accession, so 3 best Finnish groups will be presented there very well.

This party is also going to make history in copyparties in Sweden. It's really going to be a PARTY! Not like those lamer-meetings usually had in Sweden - A Real Copy-Party like only Finns can make it.

It's going to be completely different than Swedish parties. We go there to have fun, to meet friends - NOT TO CODE 24 HOURS PER DAY, NOT TO ONLY MAKE AS MANY DEMOS AS POSSIBLY, NOT TO COPY ALL THE LATEST STUFF FROM COOL GUYS!!!!!!!!

No. There we will have lots of fun, with old friends never met before, with new friends met in the party - everyone preferably drunk (that's the way it is) ( more or less drunk - just the crap talking and dirty jokes must fly).

One guy, named Teeze, said after I told him "it's not going to be a copyparty, IT'S GOING TO BE A PARTY", that he will even leave his computer home... That's the right behaviour for our party!

Propably it will be arranged during July 1989 (in Stockholm (Sweden)), so watch out for more information later...

If you're interested already about that, please be kind and tell me about it. Letters with ideas etc should be sent to the following address:

* Address not included; e-mail Grendel if you have something to say. *

(5011/Triad call/write me!!!!!!!!!!)

ACCESSION is also joining the party
hazzle. Together we can make the best
parties ever in Scandinavia. That's too
bad I (EVIL) can't be on the party coz'
I'm in the army at the summer 89. But
I try to help others now. (EVIL)

* This party never took place, but it was
planned to be one huge booze-event unlike
anything Sweden had ever seen. -Grendel *

- - - -

* 1989 *

Source: Scandinavian News 10, 20.05.1989

Changes In Byterapers

Byterapers Inc. has changed a lot in the past weeks. Several members have tasted shoe, and many new members have been welcomed into the group.

The Swedish section is all but completely different from what it used to be. One of the groups that joined us had 16 members - now there is only 2 of them left (New Age & Sky). There are many new Swedish members, but I don't know anything about them because the boss of the Swedish section has been quiet, and refused to inform us. He has just said: "Wait for the Horizon-party. Then you will be very surprised". It is very frustrating, you know... The only thing we know is that there is one new genius for a coder, who's been coding a demo for the HZ-demo-comp.

In Finland we haven't given boot to anyone because there is no-one who would have earned it. All are good. But new members have been taken: a small, quite unknown group called ALBION. It has 10 members, and they are good. Now (B) has a complete monopoly in music making in Finland on 64. Four best composers in (B) are GLX, Zardax, Mixer and our dear Rockstar. They aren't that bad coders or graphics masters, either.

The last, and not least big event is that I'll return to active 64-career and restart swapping. Crazy, aint it??

Another small miracle is that JTP finally finished coding his demo Follow The Sign II and released it. It's his 1st demo for 6 months now. During this break he just collected the Byterapers' intro-collection.He's slow to code, but his work is usually worth looking at (though I don't mean that it were marvelous or full of new ideas). Best thing there is of coz: my scroll-texts. (good hint: get one of our Amiga-demos, one of those we made in Triangle party - by CSA - the one with that 3D-Star Wars-scroll and read the texts in the text-file and you've got a good example of my style).

- - - -

Source: Scandinavian News 10, 20.05.1989

Grendel-party soon???

For your eyes only: I'm about to arrange a party at Lahti next July. The planned starting date would be the 14th and party would last for 5 days. I also thought that it'd be possible to enter the place the previous day if you come from farther away.

It's not completely sure whether this will become true, but I hope it will.

There were plans that this party'd be kept in the same place where we continued the X-Men party, but it is now impossible to arrange any parties in schools there. We'll see to it later.

One extremely important thing: you can drink,but you must be very careful with it! NO drinking in the party-place. NO booze on the party-area. Drink only when you are positive no shithead sees it. Drink from coke-bottles etc. Drink in pubs etc. We don't want to get kicked out again, right????

* Never happened, the Lahti-catastrophe made it impossible... -Grendel *

- - - - - -

* 1990 *

Pretty much nothing...

* 1991 *


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Short newsitems collected from diskmagazines.

Frantic's board in Finland, Drunkland,
is down coz sysop sold his harddrive.

* Note: it was earlier a Byterapers BBS, but Proton visited Frantic for some time. Neverthless I thought this is (B) related *

Extabulator of Society lost his girlfriend.

* Exta joined soon (B) :-) *

Also Python/Complex will open a board.

* Python was wandering between (B), Complex and Frantic, and finally returned to (B), so this BBS became (B) BBS *

Merit of Bloodsuckers will organize a copyparty in Finland.

* Yep, except he was in (B) by then and party became Gathering'91 *

At 25-28.7. will be Bloodsuckers/Byterapers/Scoopex party at
Parikkala Finland, arrangers being Merit Corleone/BS and
Grendel/(B). It will have biggest arrangements to this date,
and lots of events & good prices. For any machine that dares
to come!

Swedish group RAGE claims to be in cooperation with Byterapers,
while Byterapers' leader/founder Grendel has never even heard
about any Swedish Rage! Lamers have never enough of bull...

In older Euronews was said,Byterarapers claim themselves oldest
still alive group. Wrong. Group is the oldest still alive in
Finland, first seen on 86, but by no means claims to be oldest
still alive.

Rumours about Byterapers dying are all wrong. Group almost died
to internal problems, while founder/leader Grendel was two
months in army. Now everything is restored, and (B) is again
expanding and working for future.

Python (ex-Byterapers) was thrown out of Complex just after releasing
Maggy 9. Reason: they were not satisfied to Maggy's routines and
Python overall. Now Python is being tested for Frantic.

Grendel/Byterapers has worst luck in world. First he ordered a
2400 modem. No sight after 7 months. Then he orders a 386-PC
worth 14100 FIM (3700dollars), waits it 4 weeks - post has lost
it. Finally machine was found, but after 4 months monitor/mouse
are still lost. Then he orders a HST. Package was lost between
USA/Finland. Then another HST. Seller was caught from paying no
taxes. Then many packages were lost in post, some were robbed
of disks. What next?

Complex rose in TWO minutes to Finland's leading demo-group at
Society's party. They won both 1st and 3rd prices...

Kannibal (ex Skid Row), JS (ex Dual Crew), Extabulator (ex Society),
Dark Young Jonez, Randor (freelancers) have joined Byterapers.

Turtle and Python of Frantic SF are back in Byterapers.

- - - - - - - - -

Byterapers' internal communication network,
extraction from autumm 1991.

Muistakaa nyt kaikki, etta koitetaan ehda produja yhdessa. Paha esimerkki ovat CSA ja Speed-Head, jotka eivat saa mitään aikaiseksi toisten kanssa. Miehet tekivät The Real Muzzax 7:n, kun eivät tykänneet siitä viime jouluna julkaistusta. Jos joku haluaa voin lähettää sen näytiksi, MUTTA SITÄ EI SAA JAKAA!!!!

Koska se on PASKA! Samat rutiinit kuin 2 vuotta sitten, ja musat jotka olisi olleet hyv{t 5 vuotta sitten. Graffa samaa kuin ennenkin jne.... Tekstikin paskaa.. Yksi ainoa hyv{ jippo, musiikki soi edelleen ladattaessa uutta biisi{.

Sitä SIIS EI OLE VIRALLISESTI JULKAISTU! Jos joku on saanut sen, ilmoittakaa heti että se on unofficial paskan pläjäys.

Eli CSA ja kumpp. eivät enää ole (B):ssä, koska eivät osaa tehdä yhteistyötä muiden kanssa ja heistä on vain riesaa.

Aussiet sitävastoin ottivat taas yhteyttä. Lupasivat tehdä musadiskin, ja lähettää siitä previkan. Näemme sitten millainen se tulee olemaan.... Jospa vaikka olisi virittelyn jälkeen julkaistava...

Koskapa JTP lähtee nyt inttiin, pitäisi kaiketi alkaa etsimään uutta kooderia...

Tästa eteenpäin otetaan enää vain suomalaisia jäseniä. Mahdollista ottaa ehkä Ruotsistakin, mutta äh, ei mielellään. Tulee vain kommunikaatio-ongelmia.

Judgen kanssa on ollut puhetta (B) meetingin järjestämisestä. Paikka on ILMAJOKI, pitäkää mielessä.

- - - -

Situation on 3.9.1991

Kaikkiaan: 14
Aktiivisia: 13

What has happened:

WDO left.
Cydric left because nothing was released.
3 Australians joined.
Heatbeat joined.
Dweezel joined.
Found out Hotshot sold his compu.
Sardon left bcoz of his fonebill. Thinks he's in (B), but that's not true.
Cydric returned.
Hassan quits scene.
New Year 1991: Grendel leaves for army and all goes for shit.
Cydric, Radius, Trigon leave and quit scene.
Grapple left.
Heatbeat and Dweezel kicked out.
Python left for Complex.
Turtle to Frantic.
Jay Jay to Frantic.
Proton to Frantic.
Sardon to Wizzcat.
Grendel back from army.
April starts being lighter. Grendel gets energy back and starts rebuilding group. Guys start again getting energy.
Merit to Bloodsuckers.
Heard about a fake (B) member in Sweden called Jonez.
JTP & Grendel start planning follow-up to The Beginning.
Proton joined back.
Turtle came half-way back to (B) but didn't want yet to join completely back (Frantic going to make a good demo).
Start making party with Merit/Bloodsuckers and Scoopex (25-28.7.).
Released a small demo from the Australians. Not so good, but at least something for a while....
Randor joined.
Took the fake Swedish Jonez officially into (B).
Cannibal and Dark Young (ex Skid Row) joined. Coder & graphician.
Extabulator (ex Society) joined.
Merit boy returned from Bloodsuckers.
New membertaking rules.
Python & Turtle re-joined (B), by leaving Frantic.
Drifter joined, after Vertigo splitted. Badly needed graphician, YOW!
Gathering'91-party happened, and Grendel made everyone very angry by bad behaviour under stress. Sorry all...
Paatettiin viskata laiskat Aussiet hittoon.
Myos paatettiin, etta vain Suomalaisia tasta lahin. Hei hei Jonez!!!!!
CSA/Speed-Head/Dr.Star saivat kenkaa.
Aussieista kuului vahasen... Katsotaan jos ne saavat jotain aikaan...
JTP:n Super Cow Megademo-intro julkaistiin.

- - - - - - - - -

Byterapers' internal communication network, extraction from autumm 1991

Mita mielta HQ asioista?

Judge kysyi aikoinaan voisiko hanen pl olla byten mail whq... No se on haudattu, mutta haluan ilmaista mielipiteeni koko HQ hompotyksesta: HEVONPASKAA.

Eli alkaa hyvat ihmiset puhuko mitaan (B) HQ:sta, oli mika tahansa. Mina EN ole minkaanlainen HQ. Jos tulee purkki se ei ole mikaan (B) WHO, FHQ tai mitaan, jos se minusta riippuu... Jotain erikoista pitaa olla... Esim itse harrastan jos joku alkaa puhua HQ:sta, kommentoin tavalla tai toisella suosikkini (B) WC LHQ tai jotain. (LHQ Local HQ)... - - - -

Turtle: more musicdisks. Own musicdisk for Randor, Randor's Mastertracks 1.

G: why Mastertracks? Why only 1 guy's musics?

Turtle: Why not?

Python: good to be in (B) as there's no stress.

G: I think it's not that good to make musicdisks from only 1 guy's musics.

Extabulator: I agree with Turtle...


DRD: Turtlen & Randorin musadiski olisi minusta parempi kuin yhden hepun tekele!

G: Niin minustakin. Mastertracksit ovat minusta hompotysta, jos EI TEE MUUTA KUIN NIITA! Ennemmin Muzzax 8 normaali, Muzzax 9 Randor Mastertracks, Muzzax 10 normaali, Muzzax 11 Turtle Mastertracks II jne. Se olis PALJON jarkevampaa!!!

Proton: Jep, olen samaa mielta.

G: No niin, joku minunkin kannallani. Harmi vain, etta tuollainen julkaisuaikataulu on aika utopistinen... Ellei Pytylle ja muille sovi, etta kun Karme tekee jouluksi musadiskin, niin sita modifoimalla sitten julkaistaisiin yksi tai kaksi samantyylista, niinkuin aikanaan Muzzax 1-5 oli... - - - -

Python on sita mielta, etta Memberdiskilla pitaisi olla vain jasenlista eika mitaan muuta. Hmmm. Ei hyva minusta. Tassa jorinamuodossa on se hyva puoli, etta voi pidemmasti pistaa paskaa eri asioista yms yms yms. Jos viela jonkinlaista keskusteluakin saisi aikaiseksi, niin hyva. Tuntuu vain, etta kun pitaisi puhua yhteisista asioista, kaikki on kuin robotteja - eivat saa sana suustaan. KOMMENTOIKAA NYT, JA LAHETTAKAA OMIA TEKSTEJA!!!

Paivitys: Pytty on lieventanyt mielipidettaan, mutta teksteja voisi edelleen vahentaa. Entas muut? - - - -

(Old conversation between G/Python/Turtle)

About cracking (Grendel's opinion) : NO CRACKING. There's enough crackers in the world. Why should we also get our hands dirty with that? I would prefer a clean group, not like the old times on 64. Trading ok, training ok BUT NO CRACKINGS! please...

We should try to make fame (????) with own productions, demos musicdisks etc but no CRACKS. Games are ok, when self-made (look at our 64-guys.... nearly finished game, I kill if someone cracks it...). I have been getting legal for last months, and would love to see (B) legal (mostly) too. Cracking is too dangerous! And now when in New Year will come a new Software-Law to Finland, it will be illegal to even swap games. Imagine what happens if caught from cracking?

Pythons opinion: If you find free cracker we will discust about it then...
Informate Immediately!

Grendel: ok take him, but break his modem, phone and mail-box, so he won't get any originals to crack.

Python: not that raw, I'd say... If we foud one, just have to be carefull to not getting trouble...

Grendel: crack like hell, but spread to no-one. Then just boast in boards and lamers that yesterday we cracked 10 games.... If they ask why they haven't seen any, tell we don't spread them. It's so fun to have cracks no-one else has

Python: no spread? Whatta fuck???? If we don't spread his/her cracks he/she won't exist in our group for a long time, you Understand!?

Grendel: ALL THE BETTER!!!

Python: Stupid!

Turtle: If we find cracker we crack but i am sure that we wont find any!??

Python: Right. But if.... Next subject pleeze!

From this on it will be 100% that (B) WON'T CRACK A SINGLE GAME. CLEAR? (B) is a legal group now.

- - - - - - - - -

Small note on one disk-collection...

Hmm. Byterapers is now getting onto feet again. Guys are working and something is coming. Few new members have been taken, and a few still could be taken...

Speed-Head/(B) tune was best at musiccompo at Society's, but was too strange to be ranked. It got best aplodes of all played by people, and sounded best. All others were typical techno-pop, but it was real psychedelic-tune! YEAH!


----------------------------------------------- Grendel/Byterapers --

Many persons have sarcastically commented Byterapers, about not having a board. I'd like to comment some things: we have had no board lately, because we voted so. Members voted about a board and the results were like 13-1 against having a BBS. It's not that we hadn't had opportunities to build up one or something, we simply didn't want one.

But I would like to say you one thing: propably we were the FIRST Finnish group ever to have a own BBS. Naturally, this isn't a too well known fact at these days' Amiga-scene, but a lie it sure isn't.

During 1988 we already had a Byterapers board in Canada, and during '89 also TWO boards in Sweden. Both C64-ones, naturally, as we worked actively only on 64 then. So, do not then think we are just newcoming-guys in modem- scene too. (B) did some pioneering job on that area, too. So, why we later didn't convert those board to Amiga, and be cool later? We gave big shoe to those guys, better say Rockstar gave, and half of (B) members were kicked out. No more boards, but we've made without them this far.

Now we are anyway moving back to modem scene. We took a BBS for test-time, named BYTE ALLEY, +358-(9)0-204491. Give it a call, and please support it. We will develop it further from its current state, but most of the software support comes naturally from you out there, the callers. Give it a call, upload there etc, thank you. It's easy for you to earn credits there, if you want to, as it's quite a fresh place. Also comment it, please, so we will see what could be upgraded.

Note that Byte Alley is tested. We test it, if it's a board we can use. The SySop tests us, if we are a group worth belonging. Users test it if it's worth calling. Please support it, especially you 90-area traders - for you it's no problem to u/l there, but for example to me it is. Thank you for your cooperation, Citizen.

Ps. Hmm, we might have use for one modemtrader from 90-area now too. Please be 17 or over.

----------------------------------------------- Grendel/Byterapers --

Byte alley was taken to byterapers for test-time on 25th of November (during the morning) and it was kicked out on 26th of November (19:00) .. reason: negative comments from most of the elite guys around. WE personally have nothing against the sysop, but we just got too much negative critics saying that this BBS is megalame etc..

So byterapers is AGAIN without a BBS... But this is propably just temporary. We are building a bbs to 90-area...