We would be nothing without our fans, people who look at stuff we've done. To cause erections to ourselves we have collected here some comments our fans have said.

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Feedback about Limbo.

  • Fantastic !! I never saw the Greets in a twist form thats Pretty Neat - DemoMike
  • wow :) -XteNt
  • the pocketpc doesn't quite seem to be the result of any particular handheld design effort, but simply an old pc shrunk down. so I guess it's logical that this is a recycled 1996-97 pc demo. it sure looks like some of those textures were lifted straight from boost, and not much else seems to have changed either :) -saffron
  • Pretty cool oldschool. That 3D star coming out of the water is MEMORABLE, I'm sure when you put that part in the demo, you knew you had a winner! -Jare
  • Great job, remembers the best days of the DOS era :) -Crest
  • GREAT demo for ppc... The 3D star coming out of the water is one really _GREAT_ effect which kicks this prod to the max. limit and surely was the reason for it to become #1 in the compo! Sound fits cool, design is oldschoolish and general presentation is great! This is the beginning of cool future mobile demos with growing demo-style and effects! Go on...Byterapers and Doomsday! Give us more of that in the future! (And also...don't forget some nice PC-demos as well! The *scene* is waiting for a comeback of Byterapers and Doomsday *PC* as well! ;-) ) -Weasel/Padua/Hit
  • Yes! This demo is simply great, byterapers and doomsday still has it. I know that watereffect has been done before, but it is still very good looking. Great job, and thanks for the win32-port! -A_Lee_N
  • A great prod. Nice to see Byterapers and Doomsday release top stuff in 2002. Before this one I was sure Perkele plus would win, but not long after Limbo had begun I knew Excess stood no chance. -DiamonDie
  • Exelent production. Niice music, smooth graphics, slick 3d, arrogant quote... nothing is missing! I simply love this! -kusma

  • Feedback about our 5th PC demo, Sexadelic.

  • IRC, #coders:
    Crest: Grendel-B: sexadelic rules ...especially sound :)
    cactoid: crazy finnish people!

  • How do you manage to not win with such productions as Sexadelich and Hyperventilation????? Added 09121998.

    Hyper. is a lot better than that goat-land'ish noice demo. But what went wrong at asm98, i have looked through demos 1-5 many times now and your's is better that the ones on top.

    Thomas Frössman (alias ReeL, Thom. K)
    Tazadum & Rainforest & Evil 64 & EvilHack

  • Opinion about Assembly'98 PC demo competition:
    > Pulse's demo at aleast made it through the excellent credit graphics, but that was it. What are your opinions on those?

    As always with the big party's, the best demos are out of the top3...


  • Feedback about our 4th PC demo, Hyperventilation.

  • Just wanted to drop a note about Hyperventilation. Added 09121998.
    I loved it. I wasn't able to get in touch with Yolk or Legend, but they rule, they sure do.

    / Iceman - Noice

  • I would only congratulate you and the other members for your latest PC demo. It's really very nice and I love it's relation to the cult popgroup Abba. Maybe the best PC demo from Byterapers now, so continue your good work :)

    Greets from Germany,
    Crest (in the scene since late '92)
    Michael Menz Crest

  • Hello I just viewed your sweet ass demo HYPERVENTILATION , Man I dont know what to say "It Was JAW Droping" I thought I was looking at my old amiga 4000.I hope, I do mean ,I pray that I was worthy Of viewing such a pieces of out standing work.

    Richard kahrl
    Detroit,MI USA

  • Hi Byterapers/cncd people

    I just wanted to tell you how much I liked watching your latest demo from Remedy98, Hyper...

    The code is great, the music is great, the scenes/textures are great and the overall design is simply wonderfull

    I wish my gfx men,musicians and coders would be as eeger as you seem to be on doing demos..., it sure would boost up soem demo quality

    good luck in the future

    Ohad Eder Pressman aka Kombat/Immortals
    web : http://imrt.home.ml.org

  • General comments

  • Quite frankly, I'm not very interested! Although FC was nice in it's day, why not focus your attention on the *current* groups like, well, Pulse, Bomb, fudGe, Byterapers, etc etc.

    In my opinion, these guys kick more ass than FC ever will. FC was nice in it's day, but that was just lack of competition (oh, and Triton :)) Just look at Final Reality. Yes, I know it's a benchmark and not *completely* made by FC members, but it's still a heap of toss.

    -- Sagacity/Quad (Not that I'm so talented :))

  • > well, just wait for my demo Spankerz Heaven ;)) it will not feature any
    > of the routines Smash Des. uses... I hate all those 4x4 8x8 routines,
    > bah, only Byterapers (and MAYBE Reflex) could handle those properly

    Looking forward to your demo, Enno! To be released at which party? ;-)

    I also have to agree that Byterapers and sometimes Reflex managed to used these kind of routines properly.

    I also regret seeing that the PC-Users can't really value some of the demos, especially if these include non-PC-like-effects. But hey, who are we making our demos for? For the PC users? Certainly not! Event though sometimes it really nice to show off that the c64 can do the same stuff a PC can do. But originality can get lost on the way...